The Complete Watch Week – 7 under $150

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No one needs a watch for every day of the week.  Plenty argue that with a mobile phone in every pocket, no one really needs a watch at all.  But Father Time is still undefeated.  Even gravity was beaten by NASA.  There are those of us who see wearing a watch as a good (and good looking) reminder that every so often you should step back and acknowledge the fact that your clock is ticking.  And it’s much easier to do that when your cell is left in your pocket, in the car, or even at home connected to the charger.

Monday: Skagen 958 Sub Dial – $102.50

Slim, simple, easy.

The pics on Amazon don’t do it justice.  Probably #2 all time for Skagen after the blue hands 858.  Just 39 mm with nothing but clean lines on the dial (and their logo of course, which is a collection of clean lines.)  Nice thing about this model is that unlike some other Skagens, there’s a bit of space between the band and the case, which looks a little more classic when compared to a leather band that’s cut to completely envelope the curve.


Tuesday:  Seiko SNDC3 Chronograph in Black or Brown & Beige – $130 – $140

40 mm = a welcome, not enormous chronograph.

Maybe the best looking inexpensive chronograph on the market.  Looks and feels like it cost much more than $135.  The black on black is sharp, and the cream/beige dial on the brown strap really sets off the throwback font of the numbers.  It’s a quartz of course, but the watch feels solid, well made, and the chrono actually measures time down to the 1/20 of a second.  That means the hand for that top sub dial is haulin’ when you start it up.  Hugely versatile style.  Suit worthy, but post-work could easily be worn with jeans and a polo.


Wednesday: Orient Blue Ray Automatic – $149.00

Hump day diving.

These seem to have been coming and going off Amazon, and as of post time they’re not sold direct or fulfilled by Amazon.  So be warned there.  The black dial version is, but not the blue.  For now.  And $150 is a great price being that Orient is selling them for $161 direct with one of their 30% off codes.  Plenty swear by the Mako, but this one looks a little more substantial.  Don’t be afraid to take that stainless band off and put on a leather one.  A lighter brown with contrasting stitching has potential.  200 m water resistance.


Thursday:  Timex Easy Reader in Gunmetal case, or Black Ion case – $65.00

The chameleons. Dresses up or down depending on what you’re wearing.

The almost Friday watch.  Almost Friday means almost casual.  These are casual, but they’re still simple with a clean design.  A bit bigger than you’d think at 42mm.


Friday: Bulova 96A102 Canvas Strap – $69.97

20 mm lugs if you want to switch out the canvas for leather.

Casual Friday right?  At 40mm in diameter with a vintage looking dial, it’s dressed down but no Casio digital.  Try matching the texture of the band with suede shoes, jeans, a blazer and a collared shirt (no tie).  If the canvas strap is too dressed down for your workplace, even for a Friday, swap it out for a leather strap.  Brown or black.  The cream color of the numbers will help bridge that black dial to brown band combo.   Photo Credit: Tsarli


Saturday: ESQ Movado Filmore – $150.12 w/the $7 off $125 coupon ($195)

For a real nice night out.

Let’s assume you’re going out somewhere real nice on this particular Saturday night.  The Movado’s step down brand ESQ makes easily one of the classiest looking timepieces for under $200.  Available now on Overstock, in limited supply, and priced at post time for $157.12.  Use that coupon simply by clicking on it then adding the watch to your cart, and you’re good.  Also available in a rectangular case for $149.  Want something still sharp, but not as dressed up?  Either of the Kenneth Cole classic chronos should do the trick, and both can be found for less on Amazon, but they’re not being sold or fulfilled by Amazon at the moment.


Sunday:  Victorinox Basecamp – $149.96 or Convoy – $153.97 w/ ALAUGUST2
Were $325 and $350

Were $325 and $350

The “ah hell, I forgot to wash the car /do the dishes / wash the dog / shine my shoes” watch.  Rubber strap on each, made in Switzerland by Victorinox, and two sizes depending on how big you like your time pieces.  The Basecamp is going to be downright tiny for some, measuring under 40mm and wearing small.  The Convoy is 42mm and stands out with the big crown and can’t miss yellow dial.  100m water resistance on each.  ALAUGUST2 is good for 20% off no minimum, 25% off $125 – $200, and 30% off $200 and up.  The Basecamp is $199 pre code, so if you need socks or something, you could save more in the long run by barely tipping that last code threshold.

Other watches that didn’t quite make the list:  Skagen Hiromichi Kono – $145, Bulova’s classic simple dial, ESQ Movado’s Beacon, Orient’s Mako, and the Timex Flyback Chrono in black and tan or white.