Style Poll: Tattoos

Because there's not many ink-free guys walking around anymore.

30 – 40% of the U.S. population between the ages of 18 – 40 has at least one tattoo.  Unlike your socks, a tattoo isn’t something you pull off at the end of the day.  But like your clothes and other elements of style, tattoos are a form of self expression.  A way to communicate to yourself and/or others… something.

What that something happens to be, well, there’s the rub.

Two questions:

1. Do you have one?  And if not, why not?
2. If you do and you’re willing to share, what is it and why did you get it?

All right, so… three or four questions really.  Honesty is appreciated, but blanket statements about those who do have tattoos, as well as those who don’t quite understand the fascination, obviously won’t fly.

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