Fall Forward: 40 of the best new fall arrivals – Part I

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Hooray for all those lovely things that warm weather brings, but we’re in the dog days now.  And looking forward to fall is hard not to do.  New designs are working their way online and in stores.  Be warned:  Much of these are full price for now, as well as excluded from codes & discounts since they’re new on the scene.  20 today, 20 tomorrow, and just think… in 40 days we’ll be breathing down the equinox.

Banana Republic Olson “Wingtip” & Hyde Oxford – $140.00 (but $98 when 30% off)

Pic via the BR Facebook page.

That’s… not a wingtip.  Now it is a brogue, but there’s no “wing” stitching there.  But hey, let’s just move on.  The Hyde Oxford in Bourbon looks like it could be one super smooth shoe, and BR has even added a a monk strap and will be adding a wingtip (yes wingtip) boot.  Haven’t seen any of these in person.  The blue suedes from this summer are still going strong, so there’s hopes for these on the quality side.


Banana Republic Tailored Black Cord Blazer – $198 (but $138.60 when 30% off)

Dark but still stands out.

A dark, fine wale corduroy blazer like this one walks right up to that velvet blazer line but emphatically stops short.  It still has plenty of personality, but steers clear of the “player”-ness.  98% cotton, 2% spandex for some movement, and a new arrival.  Give it some time and codes should eventually be applicable.  Meanwhile, this is a cheaper alternative with potential, and should be on sale.  A lot.


Orient Bambino Automatic – $182 w/ SUMMER2012 ($260)

New, and one of their best.

Actually came out this summer, but one of Orient’s newest models, and now available in a couple of more case/dial options including rose gold.  Classy.  Simple.  Domed crystal and a 21 jewel automatic movement.  40.5mm in diameter.


Johnston & Murphy Decatur Chukka – $185.00

These might stay at this price for awhile.

Part of the 1850 footwear collection, made from Italian Calfskin, and dead simple.  Kinda looks like a cleaned up road version of Timberland’s 6″ zip Earthkeepers boot.  Wider tan laces are a real nice touch, and easy to replicate on a pair of brown boots of your own if you’d like to, y’know, get a similar look and not blow $185.


 Target Merona Everyday Shirts – $22.99

As good as their ultimate dress shirt. Only in a casual fabric.

If you don’t have arms that are unusually long, you can size down and end up with a super cheap do-anything poplin which comes in a dozen or so useable colors and patterns.  Plain white, light blue, ginghams and bengal stripes.  All for just north of $20 with a good sized collar that’ll sit well when layered under a sportcoat if you iron em’ up.  Hard to believe it took Target this long.  Seen already over here, but, these might end up being the long sleeve shirts of the fall.


Zara “Luxury” Travel Bag – $99.00

“This bag will self destruct in…” Or maybe not?

100% Polyurethane of course. Looks pretty damn good on the web. Sizeable too, at 2700 cubic inches.


J. Crew Three Button Utility Sportcoat in Ludlow Fit – $218.00

Waitin’ on a sale.

A (hopefully) tough, do anything, thicker sportcoat for us blazer addicts.  Had high hopes for a somewhat similar looking GAP version of this style, but that one was a disappointment.  This one’s made of yarn-dyed canvas, and if it takes some breaking in to soften up, that’ll be a good thing.


J. Crew Factory Cotton Cashmere Crewneck – $54.50 (but $38 when 30% off)

Bold stripes carry on into fall.

Crewnecks started to make a comeback against the standard V-neck last year, and expect more of the same this year.  Especially when it comes to dressed down stuff (which is obviously where the crew neck is more at home.)  SHOPNOW gets 30% off sale items and expires today.


 Johnston & Murphy Tyndal Wingtip – $150.00

Warm brown wingtips from J&M.

$150 isn’t dirt cheap, but it’s not break the bank for most either.  It’s an investment, but if you’re looking for a shoe that occupies that area between your best lace ups and your sneakers, these might be worth a shot.  Perforations and sweeping lines look fantastic.  Great shape from above too.  Ships and returns free through Nordstrom.


Fossil Ansel Chronograph (?) – $105.00

Dear Fossil: More of this.

At 41mm it doesn’t overwhelm, and the styling leans awfully classic for Fossil.  That’s good.  Sometimes Fossil can get a little too young, trendy, and chunky.  But is it a chronograph?  Seems like it would be.  Not sure though.  Would certainly like to see more of this styling from the leans-young Fossil brand in the future.


Kenneth Cole Garment Dyed 5-Pocket Pant – $69.50

Butt by mustard.

To quote Maximus: “Hold the line!”  That’s a lot of money.  Sit put.  Kenneth Cole has plenty of site wide sales.  Nice color though.  Two other saturated colors too.  Lots of color without getting crazy bright.  Just hold off until they come down from the Bonobos price level.


Brooks Brothers Water Repellent Cotton Mariner Jacket – $298.00

The casual jacket splurge.

Boy that’s expensive.  Boy does it look perfect.  Lined with linen on the top half and cotton on the bottom.  Available in three shades.  Self/tonal elbow patches and a detachable hood.


Brooks Brothers Ribbon Belt – $48.00

Looking forward to the next accessories sale.

Almost fifty bucks.  Man.  But they’ve nailed the transition into deeper fall like colors while still remaining noticeable.


Wheelmen & Co Sebastian Slim Wallet in Honey Leather – $59.00

Actually looks sort of tasty.

Another take on the minimalist card case / wallet, but the leather color and strikingly light canvas interior set this sucker apart.  Made in the USA and it’s hard not to like the subtle Wheelmen & Co logo.


SuitSupply Wool/Silk Blazer – $349.00

Checkbook wrecker.

Good heavens.  $350 is more than plenty of us like to spend on a suit, but the wool/silk fabric from Loro Piana, the patch pockets, and the quality you get from Suit Supply makes this awfully tempting for those with the funds.  Could be a jacket you’ll have a hard time not wearing three or four times in a week.


Hawkings McGill Wool Flannel Blend Varsity Jacket – $99.00

Not for everyone.

All the retro varsity jacket look, with none of the fake lettering/logos found on other jackets.  That and it’s a wool blend.  Synthetic leather arms of course, and wouldn’t really work for most as a first choice casual jacket, but cool to some none the less and under $100.


The Tie Bar Matte Black 1″ Tie Bar – $15.00 (now at Nordstrom)

Small dark and handsome.

So $15 at Nordstrom with free shipping (and returns), or $15 +$5.99 shipping through TheTieBar. I’m sure the numbers work out great for TheTieBar, for having their name all over Nordstrom. But… it’s Nordstrom for this purchase at least.


Christopher Ward C10 Aviator MK1 Automatic – $515.00

Yes sir.

A new arrival for the Christopher Ward watch company.  And a heads up.  Going to be seeing one of these in person for a review… and… *cough* a giveaway sometime in the fall.


For Her:  L.L. Bean Signature Merino/Cotton Turtleneck Dress – $99.00

That’s just not fair.


Part II, aka, the next 20, to come tomorrow.  Including items from L.E.C., which just launched their new fall line today.