Extra 30% off J.Crew Sale & Factory Sale Items

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J. Crew 30% off Sale with code LOVEIT

Takes 30% off factory sale items as well.  Careful of the “final” sale items though, you can’t return those.

J. Crew’s sale section has been a little dry lately.  Like, Gobi dry.  But with new fall arrivals starting to move in, they’ve started this week with the extra 30% off sale code LOVEIT, and helped out by dumping a few more items in their sale section.  There’s also a couple more pieces on sale over at their factory site.  Most of it makes you wonder if there’s either enough summer left to wear it, or for other items, if there’s too much time until the weather cools off to buy it.  That’s up to you.  Beware the final sale items.  Code expires Thursday, but you know how fast these items move.

J. Crew Factory Tweed Sportcoat – $117.60 ($198)

Last year’s blazer. 70% wool, 30% nylon.

Was $168, and the exta 30% off drops it to the very palatable level of just under $120.  A wool/nylon mix, and if it’s anything like last year’s tweed fabric, it’ll be very warm, have some good texture to it, and the blazer should fit well off the rack.  That is… IF… it’s like last year’s.  Full review of that one over this way.


J. Crew Factory Herringbone Sportcoat – $131.60 ($198)

More pattern, more wool.

Whereas the tweed is described as “wool/nylon”, this one is described as “wool.”  So if it holds true to the pattern that the Thompson suit seaprates have established, that means this is 100% wool (I know, seems obvious, but sometimes item descriptions on some other retail websites can be either inaccurate, confusing, or in rare cases, oddly misleading).  UPDATE:  Careful here guys, there’s two comments down below that says the quality on this one is really lacking.  Maybe a dud first run?


J. Crew Factory Washed Button Down in Payette Tartan – $31.15 ($56.50)

Woodsy, without the pine sap.

A big, bold plaid that’s going to turn up the volume on a more subdued sportcoat (like either of the two above) or sweater (like the merino V-necks you’ll find a couple of scrolls down).  Washed poplin that has a flannel like pattern, but you won’t overheat in.


J. Crew Factory Wool Blend Thompson Suit Jacket & Pant – $221.20

Up close with the 80% wool / 20% poly fabric

This is the original, not the new all wool worsted numbers.  Those aren’t on sale, and thus, won’t get the 30% off discount.  You guys have seen this plenty.  Review here in case you want to reacquaint yourself.


J. Crew Factory Merino V-Neck Sweaters – $31.15 ($64.50)

Left: BR. Right: J. Crew Factory. Notice the V depth difference.

These are a steal for thirty bucks.  A personal favorite.  Bought one last year, and while I’m not real kind to my sweaters and have blown out more than my fair share of armpits on other v-necks, this one is holding up extremely well.  Durable, has some texture without being rough, and fit is neither constricting nor wide.  Thickness of the fabric is nice.  It’s not paper thin, but it’s not doughy either.  The V dips, but it’s not exaggerated like the well liked BR Silk Cotton Cashmere V-necks (as shown above.)  These are the Goldilocks “just right” porridge of sweaters.  Note that the sweater above is last year’s version.


J. Crew Ludlow Suit Pant in Irish Linen – $62.99 ($158.00)

Fabric is extremely impressive.

Nope.  There’s no matching suit jacket as of right now.  Was lucky enough to snag a 38R during the last 30% off sale in this deep indigo color, and along with the pants it makes a hell of a suit.  Just the pants themselves are absolutely worth the $63.  The quality of the fabric is outstanding.  This is not cheap, thin, department store brand linen.  It’s dense enough that if you work in a chinos type of office, then there’s no reason you couldn’t wear these into the fall or even winter.  Careful though, these are final sale.


J. Crew Cashmere Crewneck – $69.99 ($225)

Feel free to wear this under a sport coat too.

A great fall color that’ll look more than good with jeans, made from J. Crew’s cashmere.  One of those “doesn’t ship till” items, with the ship date being October 9th.  A final sale item, so, you gotta wait, and then you can’t return it.  Large and XL left at post time.


J. Crew Marled Stripe Linen Sweater – $55.99 ($89.50)

Maybe a new casual favorite.

A splurge at $56 (plus shipping of course) but it’s a 100% linen sweater.  Not the easiest thing to find.  Linen knits have this weird “it’s light but it’s beefy” thing going on for them.  Should breathe extremely well, and the colors and pattern mean you can wear it year round.


J. Crew Washed Cotton 5-pocket pant in slim straight fit – $48.99 ($96)

One of the newer additions to the sale section.

Grey 5-pocket pants are the easiest friggin’ thing to wear when you want to bridge the gap between dark blue denim and khaki colored chinos.  They look slighty dressed up, even though they’re not.  Those blue sweaters and blazers you’ve got on hand will look real good with them, paired with a white shirt and brown shoes or boots.  Comes in the slim straight fit.


J. Crew Corded Cotton Sportcoat – $118.99 ($188)

Pattern is real small on this one.

Another final sale item.  Don’t be scared off by the light color and the fact that it’s almost football season.  You can wear this with jeans in the fall.  Hell, why not in the winter over a black sweater.  These have felt a little stiff in the past, so the fabric might require some break in time before they start to feel as comfortable as they can.

It’s good, but not amazing.  Sale LOVEIT expires on Thursday 8/23.  Again, be careful of the final sale stuff.