30% Off Banana Republic Fall Fashion Event

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30% off BananaRepublic.com with code BRFASHION

Code does work on items already on sale, but most of the usual men’s exclusions do apply:  “Promotion not valid on Monogram,Heritage, Men’s shoes, Men’s bags, Men’s Gavin, Dawson, & Emerson pants, and leather apparel.”

30% off with the online only code BRFASHION might seem ho-hum in comparison to the just wrapped 50% off up to 5 full priced items Friends & Family sale, but that’s assuming a few things.  One is that you got the invite to the F&F sale.  And the second is that you went in store and found something worth the purchase.  Some brick and mortar BRs just don’t get the same stock they have online (struck out myself this weekend).  30% off with new arrivals and sale items included in the promo is close to top notch for BR.  Let’s get on with it…

Navy Pinstripe Blazer in Italian cotton – $157.50($225)

Extremely nice, warmer fall ready fabric.  Size shown: 38R

Could be the best splurge-worthy blazer of the fall.  It’s cotton, but it has a brushed, flannel like feel to it.  It’s not wildly thick, but it’s much thicker than BR’s breezier spring/summer blazers.  You’d melt in this thing if the sun’s out and it’s over 80.  Incredibly soft, the pinstripes aren’t wildly contrasting, making it a jacket easy to wear to work or out on a date.  Be prepared to size up and then have some tailoring done.  A 38R on my frame is just too tight across the back, but a 40R leaves about half an inch too much fabric under the arm pits.  Know the sleeve buttons are functional.


Tailored Linen/Cotton Dress Pant – $55.99 ($98.50)

Beefy thighs guys need not apply.

(Price shown above applies only to the “slate” color in regular sizes.)  Linen doesn’t have to be a summer or nothing thing.  If it’s a blend, has some decent weight to it, and comes in a darker neutrual like this slate grey, then what’s to stop you from wearing it whenever you want?  Good looking texture to these thanks to the almost 50/50 linen cotton blend.  Reviews say they run pretty trim, which seems standard for BR’s “tailored” line of pants.  So if you’re a soccer player, skier, or someone with T-Rex like legs, might want to pass.


Hidden Stripe Socks – $4.19$6.99 ($10.50)

Always good to have grey socks on hand (and feet.)

I’ve personally had good luck with these things, but some in the reviews haven’t.  These are the midpoint between a razor thin dress sock, and a too thick casual sock.  Smooth enough for most of us to comfortably wear with a suit, but still offers some bounce and spring to the fabric.  Great way to tip the free shipping balance if you’re close.  *Update: looks like the grey socks have sold out.


Extra Fine Merino V-Neck – $41.65 ($59.50)

Basic workhorses.

All right.  Looks like they’re back for another year.  These Extra-Fine Merino Vs unseated the silk/cotton/cashmere v-necks as the #1 sweater BR offers for a couple of reasons.  The collar doesn’t dip to the extreme that the silk blend does, the ribbing around the collar is a little thicker and more substantial, and they’re usually less expensive.  100% merino wool.  10 colors.


Classic Trench in Millstone or Black – $157.50 ($225)

A no-brainer that makes you look smart.

Trenches aren’t for everyone, but hear me out.  Beyond giving a guy the same shape a well cut suit delivers, a slimmer fitting trench is the perfect coat for traveling.  Once the weather goes from cool to cold, lugging along a fat wool coat can be a pain.  If the plane is hot, you’re hot, since they don’t often smash nicely into an overpacked overhead compartment.  This one is the welcome nylon/cotton blend, this time favoring nylon over cotton in the mix, and also comes with a zip out wool-blend liner.  Keep it out of the jacket until it gets cold, then see if you can get by when it’s bitter with the lined trench and a few layers underneath.  Now in a black for those who like their coats dark.  Know that this version is a little busier due to button flap pockets which are tough to see in the online pics.


Banana Republic Glen Plaid Tailored Fit Suit Jacket, Pant, and Vest$374.50- $465

Fits and moves better than their cotton blazers. Size = 38R

And now BR is doing a three-piece suit.  The $465 price is if you go three piece and get the vest.  No, it’s not canvassed.  But it’s one of the better fitting, feeling, and draping BR suits in awhile, and their suit separates have been on the upward swing as it is.  Italian fabric and a surprisingly great off the rack fit on the 38R I tried on.  Pattern is certainly noticeable, but the contrast is low enough that it’s not a punch you in the mouth kind of plaid.  Stands out quietly.

The 30% off Banana Republic code BRFASHION expires today, 8/28/12.  Free shipping kicks in at $50, and returns are free in store.