Win it: Bespoke Post’s “Aged” Box

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Bespoke Post July 2012: “Aged” – $45.00

For $45 per box, Bespoke Post will deliver to your door a “box of awesome” once a month. Inside you’ll find hand selected items curated for a guy like you. You can skip any box you want or cancel at any time. Click here for more.

Best so far.  Assuming it works.  July’s Box of Awesome from Bespoke Post is a cocktail aging kit.  Apparently aging isn’t just for liquor or wine anymore.  Instead, entire cocktails are made then barrel aged to change the flavor.  High end cocktail lounges might be able to try this, but most of us don’t have the cash, real estate, or patience to let a batch of Manhattans percolate in a charred oak barrel for a month or two.  Bepoke Post was kind enough to put together this setup which purportedly helps speed up the process while doing it on a much smaller scale.

Your $45 gets you a 375 ml “glass vessel” which holds about 10 oz (multiple drinks at once… nice), Italian crystal tumblers, a funnel, and the key to it all: a couple charred honeycomb barrel staves.

Liquor obviously not included.  The box is certainly awesome, but the Bespoke Post guys aren’t Gods.

 Make your cocktail (no dairy, fruit, or other subject to spoilage stuff should be used) drop in a stave, pour in the cocktail, cork it, and wait.  They suggest 10 days with some tasting every so often to make sure it’s doing what you want it to do.  It’s the honeycomb pattern on the  charred staves that ‘s supposed to speed up the process, compared to just letting liquid sit in a barrel.  Complete video on how to get this done thanks to the guys at here

The decanter/vessel is solidly made.  The base is nice and thick.  Almost like a mason jar.  The tumblers are hand blown in Italy, and gently pivot when given a push.  Staves last 4 uses a piece as long as you rinse them after, and word is you’ll be able to buy more once your first two have been used up.  They’ve also included a cheesecloth so you can strain your concoction post aging, to catch any charcoal that might have fallen off the stave.

Win it: To enter to win Bespoke Post’s July Box of Awesome, send your first and last name in an email to w/ the subject: “Bespoke Aged”.  One entry per person.  Deadline: 11:59pm E.T. 7/18/12.

UPDATE:  Congrats to Mark G. who won this month’s box from Bespoke Post…