Style Poll: Ralph Lauren’s Team USA Olympic Uniforms

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Yea or Nay to the Polo-rific Team USA uniforms?

By Arts & Culture Correspondent Ben Madeska, who from time to time dips down into the realm of clothes, when he’s not writing about books, art, or how his Saddleback is holding up.

Ralph Lauren has unveiled the Team USA opening ceremony uniforms.  Taking inspiration from the US uniforms the last time the Olympics were held in England, they have come up with a country club vibe for this year’s opening ceremony uniforms that they call an “updated take on old-world elegance.”  How well did they pull it off?

Team USA Double-Breasted Blazer – $795.00

Though it certainly says “contemporary American.”

A red, white, and blue color scheme can quickly go wrong, so it’s a smart choice using a navy blazer as the cornerstone.  Using wider, peaked lapels is a bold, powerful look.  Peak lapels in general help give your body that athletic V shape, and since these are Olympians who already have that shape, they might come out looking invincible.  Or, looking like Voltron.  The risk is that this is too much of a throwback.  The Polo pony is about the same size as the Team USA logo, which doesn’t exactly say “old-world elegance.


Team USA Ceremony Beret – $55.00

Probably not what any of us look like in a beret.

Worn by the military and the greatest athletes in the world, they can look pretty sharp.  For the rest of us, probably best to avoid.


Team USA Nubuck Uniform Shoe – $165.00

True oxford lacing makes them look sleek.

Nailed the white suede bucks.  This could be a fine summer shoe.  Some will take issue with the extra, barely noticeable piece of nubuck behind the cap toe, but it’s good to remember that this is an athletic event.  Obviously, no one will be competing in these, but the thicker laces are also athletic inspired, and that extra subtle nubuck piece makes them unique and fast looking.


Team USA Silk Tie – $125.00

Eagles? No. Lions for London.

Maybe the easiest to wear piece despite the incredibly preppy feel.  Expensive though.  Made in Italy.  Regal stripe with a lion motif which is has to be a nod to the host country.  The women on the US Olympic team will wear this cotton scarf during the opening ceremonies.


Team USA Grosgrain Belt – $85.00

“Imported” like most rest of the uniform

They are really committing to this striped preppy thing.


Team USA Sunglasses – $160.00

Whatever happened to Paris Hilton?

Then there’s these.  Not part of the Opening Ceremonies uniform.  Still.  Let’s hope it’s cloudy for the entire Olympics.

The whole uniform will set you back about $1600.  The blazer and the white slacks worn with it were made in Italy, and it looks like the rest was made in China.  So what’s the verdict? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and vote  in the poll as well.  One thing we should all agree on, is they’re at the very least better than 1984.

Ralph Lauren's Olympic Uniforms

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