Quick Picks: Reiss up to 70% off Summer Clearance

Blazers, sportcoats and suits.  Double breasted too.

Many thanks to Antonio L. for the style tip

If the Macy’s house line Bar III took any kind of inspiration from another brand, it might be Reiss.  Not to the extreme of Topman, but still modern and slim with a British feel.  Which makes sense, being that they’re based in Britain.  Button stances look a little high and jackets also look a little chopped, so be aware.  It’s also a bit of a clearance, so sizes will be all over the place.  Also know that you’re on the hook for returns.

Reiss Heston Navy One-Button Pinstripe Suit – $240 ($800)

Wide stripe, one button, hacking pockets. An odd one.

Heston?  Even if you have stinkin’ paws, this suit could make you look all business.  Traditional wide pinstripe but with a modern one-button front with hacking pockets.  100% wool.


Reiss Bradshaw B Double Breasted Blazer – $139 ($465)

Lots of sizes available. Yet no pants?

Another odd one.  Modern double breasted blazer that was being sold as part of a pair of suit separates, but the pants no longer seem to be available.  Ultra cheap for a wool double breasted blazer though.  Not a look everyone can or would even want to try to pull off.


Hanbury B. Wool Mix Blazer – $223 ($445)

Only if that button was an inch or two lower.

80% wool, 10% nylon, 10% poly.  Web pics make it look like it has some shine, but if you zoom in you can see the grey is a worsted wool.  So, the ol’ “Sharkskin” look might be in effect here.


Cotton Victor B Blazer – $127 ($425)

Over a white OCBD and black V-neck?

Bronze?  Rust?  Bronze that’s… rusted?  Destined to be worn with jeans.  Pick stitching on the lapels.  Could have potential as a sportcoat in an unusual color that’s not neon at the same time.


Cotton/Wool Wilkes B Double Breasted Jacket – $139 ($465) & Matching Pant – $63 ($210)

Not your average blue suit.

If you’re considering taking a double breasted suit jacket for a spin, this might be a super cheap way to do it.  It’s also ultra modern with that two button front.  Tempting even for those of us who swear they’d never even try the DB thing.  57% cotton, 40% wool, 3% poly should make for an interesting fabric.  Blue, but far from a deep navy blue.


Berkley Topcoat w/ ticket pocket – $360.00 ($540)

Might come down further?

What?  Too early to talk outerwear?

Okay guys… anyone got direct experience with Reiss?  Thoughts on the fits if you do?  Leave it below…