Quick Picks: Lands’ End Canvas Extra 20% off Sale

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Extra 20% off L.E.C. and L.E. Sale w/ BANNER and pin 2323

Free shipping kicks in at $50.  Fine print says free shipping won’t be applied if order consists of only clearance ($.97) items.  Code and pin expire today, 7/12/12.  Thanks to Adam for the style tip.

If you’re on the Lands’ End Canvas email list and click through the email they sent out about this promo, you end up on the big brother Lands’ End site.  They do have LEC stuff there, but it’s worth noting that almost everything is on sale over at the Lands’ End Canvas site, and the code and pin works there too.

All combos below should get you the free shipping.  Free shipping kicks in PRE code, so, if the extra 20% off knocks a group of items below $50, it should still work as long as your total was more than $50 before the code was applied and you’ve got more than clearance $.97 items in your cart.  Got all that?  Here we go…

Jackson Chukka Suede Boot – $30.38 ($95) | 5-Pocket Colored Jeans – $18.39 ($70)

Already on sale for $37.97, and $22.99

The Jackson Chukka has been well reviewed and is now just stupid cheap.  Problem is, it’s $37.97 pre code.  Again, that “.97” at the end there means you can’t get the free shipping if you’re buying just the chukka, since it’s a clearance item.  Shipping is $8.95 otherwise, so the 5-Pocket Colored Jeans, which aren’t on clearance, will help out here.  They also might be a budget alternative to last year’s BR 5-pocket canvas pant.  Maybe a bit heavier since they are labeled as a jean.  US cotton denim, and according to one review they get pretty tapered below the knee.


Heritage End-on-End Poplin – $13.59 ($50) | Coastal Rugby – $28.78 ($60)

Already on sale for $16.99 and $35.97

Unfortunatly, the poplin isn’t on sale in the standard blue.  But if you’re good with pink or purple (shown) then a button down poplin for $14 isn’t half bad.  The rugby is one of those hooded sweatshirt upgrades that’s going to look extra good on a weekend in the fall along side dark jeans and maybe boots.  Hard not to like the khaki chambray contrast collar.


Tailored Fit Linen/Cotton Chino – $31.99 ($70) | Two 2-packs of cotton socks – $15.98 ($40)

Already on sale for $39.99 and $9.99

The pants have potential, but who knows how “tailored” the fit will really be.  From the big brother Lands’ End line.  52% linen and 48% cotton.  Might be one way to survive the summer.  Also available in a green and blue.  The socks are marked down to $9.99, so you’d have to buy two sets of two pairs to tip the free shipping at $50 balance here.  But the $9.99 pre code price for one set of two pairs might come in real handy if you’re close to the free shipping threshold with another item or two.


Montrose Alpine Boot – $43.98 ($138) | Hand Towel – $3.99 ($10)

Already on sale for $54.97 and $4.99

Yes that’s a towel.  If Lands’ End sticks to their “no free shipping on orders of just $.97 items) stipulation, then the boots won’t ship free since they’re on clearance.  Pick up the towel for four bucks, and you avoid the $10 in shipping charges.  Actually costs six dollars less with the new gym rag.  Boots are a nice middle ground between your running shoes and your bulky gore-tex hikers.  More style than function of course, but they’re solid for hour long hikes with the dog over not too rough terrain (assuming you have a dog, and, uh… terrain to hike nearby).  Boots are also available in black and brown.


Crosby Moc Toe Lace Up – $29.58$42.38 ($149) | Men’s Rugby Socks – $15.00

Boots were $36.97.  Socks aren’t on sale, but they’ll get you free shipping.

Oh.  You thought you’d get through a LEC sale post without a mention of the polarizing Crosby boot huh?  You thought?  YOU THOUGHT?  Anyway, they’re even cheaper now.  Completely, 100% understand that it’s too hot to be thinking about these, since they don’t breath well at all.  But, it’s almost obligatory that they get a mention.  Limited sizes so probably the last time you’ll see these (everyone wave goodbye).  Rugby socks aren’t on sale but come in a few color options.  UPDATE:  Got fooled by the Lands’ End site, which won’t give you the precise price on some colors until you select a size.  The espresso brown are a bit more than the black, which is now down to limited sizes.  Thanks to Anthony in the comments for the heads up.


L.E.C. Madras Blazer  – $71.99 ($200)

Not sober, not plowed, a blazer that’s buzzed.

Sizes are almost gone on this one.  Was $89.99.  Full review can be found over here.

The extra 20% off sale and free shipping at $50 code BANNER and pin 2323 expires today, 7/12/12