Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2012 – The Picks

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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale – The Men’s Side

If Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly-Sale is like catching a movie that’s been out for awhile at a budget theater, then Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is like an advanced screening of an up and coming flick.  Next season’s styles, available now at serious discounts.  And it’s not just never been seen before stuff either.  Classics like well known cuts of suits, styles of shoes, and the like all get put on sale in an attempt to get you to spend your hard earned cash on fall gear well before the weather cools off.  And more often than not, it’s well worth getting in early.  Proof is below…

BOSS Black Silver Dial Watch – $129.90 ($195)

“Boss” (sorry) looks at entry level price.

Quartz?  Yes.  All class with a flawless dress style?  That too.  $130 with free shipping and free returns is actually a pretty good deal.  Of course the cheaper option is the well loved Bulova minimalist, but this one comes with a bit of texture inside the hour markers.  40mm diameter and again, ships and returns free.


Allen Edmonds McTavish – $196.90 ($295)

Dark denim is calling.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale might be one of, if not the best event to get your hands on Allen Edmonds first-rate shoes for less.  The McTavish is part of their Rough Collection, so while it has a bunch of dressed up details, it’s a dressed down shoe.  And one that looks to be able to take a wallop.


Calibrate Trim Fit Gingham Dress Shirt – $38.90 ($59.50)

A favorite. Also available in navy and light blue.

And just in time for the sale they come back with black.  Also available in navy and a light blue.  One of the better trim fit dress shirts you’ll find out there.  How to wear it over here.


Jack Spade Davis Brief – $219.00 ($325) | Wayne Duffel – $279.00 ($425)

Images not to scale here…

Throwing myself on the mercy of the readership here.  There are some of us who are absolute suckers for the Jack Spade look.  Sure, most of their stuff is made in China, and while the quality is solid, these won’t be coming with a 100 year warranty.  But if you like the modern but not overly serious/cold look, it’s hard to go wrong.  Brief is 16.5″ wide and 3″ deep.  Duffel is 2160 cubic inches, so not huge, but not dinky either.  Both are still a bit of a splurge.


Red Wing 6″ Round Toe Boot – $159.90 ($240)

Not a pretender. The real deal.

If you’re looking for a wear-it-every-weekend, beat the snot out of them, tough as nails boot… this Red Wing 6″ is a classic that won’t let you down.  Made in the USA and should become a best friend for your feet.


1901 Trim Fit Crew Sweatshirt – $29.90 ($45)

Made in the USA

You don’t see the words “Trim Fit” and “Sweatshirt” in relation to each other that often.  Nor do you find a lot of Made in the USA sweats out there.  An upgraded sweatshirt for sure.  Hopefully it really is closer to the body than a standard Champion sack.  Made from a poly/cotton blend that should feel pretty soft.  Hard not to like that darker color.


Brooks Brothers Rectangular – $62.90 ($95) | Aviator Sunglasses – $56.90 ($85)

Both not an average pair of shades.

Two new Brooks Brothers designs for fall.  Now in that hard to find mid double digit price range.  Which is a good place for them.  BB sunglasses, in general, look pretty friggin’ good, but in your hands they feel a bit lighter than you’d like.  In person review with a couple of pairs over here.


Tumi Bravo Evertte Tote – $199.90 ($295)

The hybrid.

Won’t be confused with a woman’s bag.  Has more of a tactical look to it.  Ballistic nylon, and space-wise it’s somewhere between a brief and a weekender.  1196 cubic inches, 16″ wide but a real deep 6.5″.


Timex Easy Reader in Tan – $42.90 ($65)

42mm so it’s on the bigger side.

Nice.  A new color scheme for this much appreciated basic and simple design.  Gunmetal case too.


Cole Haan Air Grant Driver – $89.90 ($138) | Polo RL Suede Terence Driver – $64.90 ($99)

A step above sneakers.

One reviewer complained that the toes wore out really fast on the CH, but the rest of the reviewers loved these things.  Not a bad price, and the penny strap keeps it from getting to out of control.  The Suede Terence Driver is just another incarnation of the well loved Polo Driver that comes in many forms.


Original Penguin The Earl Trim Fit Pique Polo – $36.90 ($59)

Rare price for these.

Wow that’s cheap for The Earl.  Ships and returns for free of course, and there are plenty of sizes/colors for now.  This would be a prime example as to why the Anniversary Sale is as good as it gets.


Marc New York Distressed Leather Jacket – $299.90 ($448)

Not your Dad’s JCPenny Bomber.

Hell of a color and not too overdone on the zippers.  Reinforced shoulders look pretty solid too.  Says it’s a regular fit, so if you’re inbetween sizes maybe size down?  Maybe?


BOSS Black Derby Cap Toe – $149.90 ($225)

$150 still feels a little high?

Looks good enough, nice cap toe with the subtle line of brogue details, but might want to take a real long hard look at the Mike Konos Luca, since that one is a true oxford with closed lacing.  Does have quite a bit more broguing though.


Will Leather Goods “Marlow” Suede Belt – $49.90 ($79.50)

Also available in black, navy, and tan.

Not cheap, and while it’s “imported”, Will Leather Goods does make some solid stuff.  Four color options and a brushed/matte looking buckle.


Nordstrom Plaid Poplin Hidden Button Down – $45.90 ($69.50)

Casual shirt with all the options.

They’re really trying to make this as easy as possible on the wearer.  Non iron finish, hidden button down collar, and a casual plaid pattern that’s ready to be layered over with a cotton blazer or a sweater come fall.  Bit expensive, but they’re throwing in all the bells and whistles.  Maybe floor mats too?


Timberland Earthkeepers Side Zip – $119.90 ($170)

Blends in more than the Red Wings.

And look what’s back.  Only available in the “burnished tan” yet the other views (other than the one shown here) seem to show off the darker brown version.  Review of those here.


BOSS Black Round Chrono | Rectangular Chrono – $196.90 ($295)

Sharp and clean here.

Another couple quartz watches from Hugo Boss.  Yes, quartz.  But they’re both chronos, they’re both sleek as can be, and at least they’re both under $200.  (Bite your tongue automatics/mechanical or nothing guys, we hear you.  We know.  We got it.)


Hart Schaffer Marx cotton blend flat front pants – $65.90 ($85.90)

Dressed up but not quite to suit territory.

Cotton/polyamide but no word on the % on either.  Dark tonal plaid pattern should look great at the office with most of your solid blazers/sportcoats.  Should do just fine with a sweater too.  Update:  Thanks to Nate in the comments who passed along the cotton to polyamide ratio: 78% Cotton/22% Polyamide


1901 Trim Fit Neck & Sleeve Dress Shirts – $32.90 ($49.50)

Maybe not your best shirt, but a good shirt?

From Nordstrom’s younger, more casual leaning house brand.  Which makes it sort of strange that they’re now making neck and sleeve dress shirts?  Haven’t seen these in person.  Could be a bit of a risk, but they ship and return free.


Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap Toe – $219.90 ($335)

Incredible price.

As conservative as it gets.


Allen Edmonds Walnut Strand – $219.90 ($335)

Incredible price part II

Really, really not the Park Avenue.


To Boot New York Warwick Oxford – $269.90 ($398)

Slimmer profile, higher price, not as classic.

Honestly?  Stick with the Strand.


THE NIGHTMARE: Cutter & Buck Pleated Microfiber Golf Pants – $59.90 ($90)

Not real flattering.

Polyester/Rayon, pleats, billowy… old-school sales managers are drooling somewhere.  Pair em’ with these and there’s a look that’ll scare the hell out of the beer cart girl.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends in a few weeks, with prices going back up August 6th.