Most Wanted Affordable Style – July 2012

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Consider these to be power rankings. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month. The best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already. Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below. Click here for the top 5 most wanted lists from previous months. Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w

5. Rotary Blue Dial Chronograph – $147.60 ($296.25)


Hey look, it’s a Breit… wait, no it’s not.  Yes it’s a quartz, but it’s a chronograph with a Tag Monaco like color scheme you don’t see every day.  Rotary was named the official supplier of watches to the British Military in 1940, and they’re still a strong brand in the UK today.  Originally Swiss, they’re one of the many who have relocated most of their manufacturing elsewhere.  Unlike many other brands who have done the same, Rotary still seems to have a decent rep when it comes to overall quality.  Busy face thanks to the sub dials and slide rule.  Amazon says water resistance is 50M, yet it’s equipped with a screw-down crown?  Fits 22mm straps.  42mm in diameter but wears a touch smaller, and the metal bracelet version is half the price of the leather band version.  Right.  Just replace the metal bracelet with your strap of choice.  Could look outstanding with a perforated racing/rally style leather band.


4.  Wheelman & Co. E. Holmes Laptop Case- $85.00

Black or Brown available. Made in the USA.

From the same company that brought you the $35 made in the USA perfect web belt, comes the $85 Made in the USA perfect-for-plenty briefcase.  $85 seems like a steal.  Top grain leather handle with a pocket for your charger on the interior of the flap.  Smart.  Pocket on the backside closes with velcro.  Those who carry a ton into work obviously won’t have enough space.  But for those who want a work bag without any bulk, it’s hard to top this in the tough/casual category.  Available in three common laptop sizes.  Again, made in the USA.  Unreal.  (More USA stuff tomorrow)


3. Ralph Lauren Hayward Suede Driver – $171.75 w/ RLEXTRA25 ($395)

Made in Italy, and now more than half off.

A total and complete splurge.  Many of us wince at spending this kind of cash on a highly versatile pair of dress shoes, let alone a suede pair of driving loafers.  Not that you can’t do a lot with drivers.  There were five different colors of suede but sizes are all over the place depending on your color preference and they’re moving fast.  Was pushing $400.  Made in Italy.  Perfect shape and details.


2. Club Monaco Lightweight Chino Sportcoat – $179.50

Won’t let you down.

The wool navy blazer is far from dead, but there’s an argument to be made that a smooth, well cut, navy cotton sportcoat is a superior and more versatile garment than the wool blazer in the more casual 21st century.  Less expensive, less stuffy, better with jeans…  and if you spring for something that’s built better than the Target Merona Kensington, then you should be fine in most dressed up situations.  The Club Monaco isn’t cheap, but it’ll be a go to for a lonnnnng time.  Student discount (submit your valid .edu address here) gets it down to $143.60 with that 20% off.


1. B.R. Silk/Cotton/Cashmere Crew in Grey – $17.99 & Black – $26.99* ($69.50)

Great fabric, incredible price with BRSTARS

*Extra 40% off code BRSTARS gets them down to the  criminally low price.  These are a bit of a secret and easy to miss.  The grey and black colors don’t show up on either the “Sale” or “Sweaters” category page on the BR site.  The only color options you see if you’re browsing is either periwinkle or orange.  You have to click on one of those two to see the other (and better) options.  Most of us limp along with so-so crew necks and depend on nicer Vs.  But at this price, it’s hard not to want to upgrade to one of these.  Tons of sizes available.  Free shipping at $50 PRE code.
UPDATE:  Grey is pretty much gone size-wise.  You guys jumped on those quick. 

Update on the Honey Glazed Apricot Bourbon from last month.  Boy did that ever work.  Almost too well.  It’s super sweet, with a new, more substantial texture.  Good stuff.  Here’s a before and after side by side.