Kickstarter Alert: Antigua Leather

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Antigua Leather:  Handmade Leather Cases

Fifth & Brannan, Flint and Tinder… there’s more than a few kickstarter style success stories.  And now a couple of guys who made some connections in the Guatemalan city of Antigua are trying to be the latest:


Seems like these could be right in the wheelhouse for those who want something with classic, rugged looks, but just don’t have the cash to shell out $400 for a Saddleback.  An email exchange with Scott, one of the guys behind the project, answered a few questions about the bags.  They’re made from full grain leather by “a local Guatemalan family that have been leather workers for two generations“.  The other founder, Paul, met this family and several other artisans while studying Spanish in Antigua.

Here’s the breakdown of what you can get at different pledge levels:

  • iPhone Sleeve – $19
  • iPad Sleeve – $39
  • 13″ Antigua Leather Messenger Bag – $129
  • 15″ Antigua Leather Messenger Bag – $149

Those are some pretty solid prices if the bags look as good in person as they do online.  And awfully smart of them to offer “early bird” discount pricing for the first 25 pledges that hit the bag levels ($99 and $119), but those have since sold out.  They’re offering bundle packages at a discount, so for $179 and $199 respectively, you’ll get the iPhone Sleeve, iPad Sleeve, and one of the cases.  Also smart.

Messenger bags come in a real light looking almost cognac brown, as well as a dark brown.  The shoulder strap is removable if you prefer to carry it like a standard brief.  The iPhone / iPad cases come in those two colors plus a medium brown that’s in between.  As always with Kickstarter, if they don’t hit their funding goal, you never get charged.

UPDATE:  They hit their goal so congrats to Antigua Leather, but know that they’re still taking orders.  Lots to pick from.  The project is set to be funded on August 5th.

UPDATE II: Good call by Isaac to ask about a warranty (see his comment below).  Looks like they’re not offering one.  If taking a warranty-less flier on one of these bags spooks you, know that Kickstarter does give you an option (see here and here) in case you want to change your mind.

Thoughts on this one?  Full Disclosure:  I don’t know the guys behind this one at all.  Leave your thoughts below…