Day off and looking ahead

Why next week will be filled with much appreciation.

Above photo credit: Jason McHuff

Less of a day off and more of a necessary behind the scenes work day.  Monday is the start of the first ever Dappered Reader Appreciation Week (uh… D.R.A.W.?) and there’s a bit of prep that needs to be done.  You’ll see a different in-person review and giveaway from some favorite brands every workday next week.  It’s a way to say thanks to all of you for spending some time on this small sandbar in the big internet stream.  Seriously.  I’d stack this community up against any other.  Can’t thank you guys enough for reading, adding to, and sharing Dappered with others.

Might be sharing some teaser photos over on the Dappered Facebook site this weekend as pics get snapped.  Here’s what you can also expect next week…

  • A few things to get you from late summer into early fall.
  • A style poll of the splurge sort
  • Stealing the Style that’s long overdue.
  • Lighting the torch on a hypothetical event that has no chance of ever taking place.

Happy Friday guys.  Please refrain from smoking until you have exited the website…

 As always, there are exceptions.