Cole Haan Extra 25% off Sale Items

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25% off all sale items with code 25SALE

Code expires 7/8/12.  Free shipping kicks in at $150.  You’re on the hook for returns, and the return label they provide is not a pre-paid shipping label.  Which is interesting…

Most would say that Cole Haan stuff seems to start out at an unusually high full retail price.  But somebody has to be paying it.  Widely available with big name recognition amongst the masses must be leading to some pretty hefty sales somewhere.  But it’s going to take a sizable sale to produce some movement around these parts.

Ta da.  Here’s that sale.  The extra 25% off code 25SALE drops the price substantially on a few Italian made stunners, some accessories with class, and some other shoes with character.  All available now WAY below their high retail prices, and finally at a level that makes them worth a look:

Vincenti Suede Cap Toe Boot – $157.46 ($398)

Top of the line for CH

Hot. Damn. Those are some nice looking suede boots. Eat your heart out Clark’s. The star of the sale, and understandably not the most affordable of the bunch. The cap toe and overall construction looks terrific. Available in five different colors (including purple?) and sizes are a bit scattered but there seems to be some normal sizes left. Bologna construction. Made in Italy.


Air Grant Driving Moc in Grey Suede – $74.96 ($148)

Boat shoe details on a driver.

Only the slightly odd colors of suede are on sale, and thus, the only one’s that get the discount.  But while grey isn’t brown or black, it’s not… yellow.  Still plenty versatile.


Merced Super Slim Compute case – $89.96 ($198)

Super slim.

For the minimalist who preffers to operate with as little paper bulk as possible.  14″ wide with a some extra pocket space for cords, but you won’t be taking this thing on an expedition to Denali.  Just 1″ wide, almost elegant in what it doesn’t provide, and an extremely wallet friendly price with the extra 25% off.


Vincenti Suede Wingtip – $142.47 ($378)

Now more than $200 off.

The wingtip version of the boots at the top.  A better than good price for an Italian made, Bologna construction, suede pair of shoes like these.  Born to be worn in the summer, but could certainly do duty in the colder months when the temps dip.  Lack of perforations keep them smooth looking.


Air Colton Casual Wingtip – $104.96 ($198)

Not the most subtle things.

Is this the poor man’s version of the Allen Edmonds Neumok?  There are plenty of differences, but these are stand out, unlined, casual wingers that come with two sets of laces.  Unlike the Neumok, there’s no suede option, and that blue is a bit more electric than most guys would like.


Merced Business Card Case – $22.46 ($48)

Nice unusual, but not obnoxious, wave design.

As impressive of a card case that you’ll find for just over twenty bucks.  You want something other than your wallet to carry your business cards in.  Keeps them from getting dirty and dogeared, while allowing you to show off an attention to detail noticeable to those potentially interested in your services.


Air Camden Suede Penny – $104.96 ($198)

A step up from drivers, but still real relaxed.

So it’s summer, but the sun is pretty much down, you’re headed out, and you’re wearing jeans.  What shoes would partner well?  Suede penny loafers like these.  They take all the stuffiness out of the standard penny loafer shape, and the lighter suede will fit right in during the summer months.  Wear em’ as much as you can.


City Oxford Rain Trench – $171.75 ($385)

75% Nylon / 25% cotton blend

With the new and old Banana Republic trenches lurking out there, it’s tough to think $171 is going to be a better deal, but it does come in black if that’s what you’re looking for.  Fabric mix is an interesting 75% Nylon / 25% cotton.  Blends are great since they’ll keep the water out better without looking plastic, but usually it’s cotton that takes the lead.


The Splurge?  Trovato Weekender – $359.96 ($758)

Would like to smell this glove.

Proof that Cole Haan does do more than department store shoes.  Made in Italy from glove leather.  Not that big at all though, at just 1824 cubic inches of space.

The extra 25% off Cole Haan sale items code 25SALE expires Sunday 7/8/12.