Breaking News: Affordable Suiting

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J. Crew Factory Thompson Worsted Wool Suit Jacket & Pant – $276.00 ($193.20 at 30% off)

Thanks to Nathan C. who sent in the style tip and asked if there was such a thing as a Dappered Breaking News alert.

The day after the 40% off sale items code OURTREAT expires, they launch these things:

Apparently, the Thompson has been available in navy for a bit now, but you had to have access to a J. Crew Factory brick and mortar outlet store.  Not everyone lives near one of those.  They’re now available online, claim to be worsted wool, and there’s no mention of a poly mix in the description.  The new version of charcoal also appears to be a bit lighter than the previous version.  And one more thing worth pointing out…

Sizes on these start at 36S.  Yep.  36S, 36R, 38R, and so on all the way up to 46R.  Now priced at $276, the next extra 30% off code will drop them under $200.  That is, assuming they’re “on sale” when that code launches and the code can be applied to them.  Got a navy on the way for an in person.

Carry on…