Banana Republic’s Quiet Restocked Sale

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BR’s Resurrected Sale Section – Extra 25% off with BRJULY

Code should be good through 7/31.  It’s barely advertised on their site.  Top Photo Credit: Paul Mison

Where is this stuff coming from?  All of a sudden BR’s sale section has the Wool/linen suit in normal sizes, the outstanding topcoat from last season, and even some shoes that haven’t been available in… what, maybe six months?  It’s like they unearthed the lost warehouse from their Atlantis division.  Plenty of these items are either out of season, or, about to be out of season, but with the extra 25% off code BRJULY it’s well worth a look:

UPDATE:  Just about everything is gone.  Started prepping this yesterday afternoon, checked in once before hitting the sack, and everything still appeared to be in stock in regular sizes.  Debated on whether or not to fire it off last evening, but held off thinking there’d be no real impact.  Next time, I’ll probably fire away.  BR did send out a “further reductions taken” email right about the same time this went live.

UPDATE II: See Nick’s comment below: “I called gap customer service and they said they were having a site issue that was listing items as available that weren’t really available, this could be the same thing.”  Maybe this was the great “mirage” summer clearance of 2012.

B.R. Tailored Wool Linen Suit Jacket & Matching Pant – $232.49 ($380)

The jackets are back.

38, 40, and 42 all available at post time.  The suit jacket has been gone forever, but now the two pieces have been reduced to just over $300 pre-code.  Apply the extra 25% off, and it’s probably the best summer suit in the low $200s out there.  Made from an outstanding 54% wool / 46% linen Italian Fabric with that texture that linen delivers.  The wool blend cleans it up a bit.  Leans grey instead of pure khaki.  The peak lapels are different but not too showy.  Non-functioning buttons, fully lined but lightweight.  Not a lot of time left to wear it this year, but made the all star team for a reason.


Zip Pocket Jacket – $59.99 ($130)

Grown up, but not Grandpa.

Sharp, casual, none of the elastic on the cuffs or hem that other jackets like it seem to have.  Great piping on the zipper and pockets.  All poly, but doesn’t feel like a flimsy windbreaker.  Another one of those items that had disappeared, but is now back with tons of sizes.

Banana Republic Black Wool Top Coat – $74.99

Looking forward to these days.

WHAT.  Out of nowhere they throw their ticket pocket equipped topcoat into the sale section?  Now under $75 thanks to the code and ships free.  Has been killed in online reviews because it’s not as thick as many were expecting.  Not paper thin though, and you can layer.  Y’know, when winter rolls around.  We’re sniffing August.  Small, Medium, and XL available at post time.  Real nice looking up close.  A sharp piece.


BR Heritage 100% linen blazer – $187.49 ($325)

The “heritage” line claims to be higher quality.

Monogram suiting is off limits for the code, but their Heritage Line is fair game.  Supposed to be higher quality.  Haven’t seen it in person, but the up close texture on the fabric looks nice.  A reviewer gave it just one star because it wrinkles easily.  Well, it’s linen.  Could become a go-to navy non-wool blazer for dressing up jeans?  Great looking color if it matches in person.  Tons of sizes.


Banana Republic Tailored Fit MicroCheck Linen Blazer – $157.49 ($250)

Never even saw it in store.

Sizes are a bit scarce.  It’s 100% linen, so that’s why it’s priced so far above BR’s other cotton blazers from their tailored fit line.  Hard not to really like the patch pockets and lighter, almost white buttons on the front.  Huge potential for this one.  A wear it all friggin’ summer long type of blazer.  First noticed over here, yet hasn’t shown up in all brick & mortar stores yet.

Banana Republic Tailored Cotton Blazer – $134.99

Size shown: 38. Might have to size up and get it tailored.

More versatile than the light blue linen above, and more sizes available.  Upgraded fabric that has a bit of weight to it.  Soft, not stiff.  4.5/5 stars after 21 reviews online, which is no small feat.


Tailored herringbone pinstripe two-button blazer – $97.49 ($250)

Peak lapels on this one.  Herringbone is pretty light.

And back into Delorean they go.  Does anyone else remember the jumping up in the air pic on the left?  It’s from a BR catalog that must have been from last fall.  Coulda sworn an in person was done with this thing, but after a search… there’s none to be found.  Peak lapels on this, and if memory serves, the cotton has some weight to it.  Under $100 now with plenty of sizes.


Slim Fit Stretch Poplin in Light Blue – $24.74 ($59.50)

95% cotton, 5% lastol for stretch. Now at Target prices.

More proof that something odd is going on here.  These are like the Express 1MX, only with a little bit more room than the “fitted” model, but they seem to be (at least for me) much more durable.  Wearing one as I type this.  My personal go-to light blue non neck & sleeve shirt.  Really comfortable, 5% lastol for stretch.  More over here.  All sizes available except for XS at post time.  Weird.


Soft Wash Slim Fit Plaid Shirt – $29.99 ($64.50)

Sizes are back.

Finally bit on one of these and have been very happy with it.  Decently slim through the body and the collar is phenomenal.  Softer wash but you can iron it up to be as clean as you want.  Going to see a lot of work under layers this fall.


Tailored Slim Wool Pant – $44.99 ($98.50)

Trou you won’t want to drop?

100% wool, slim, and now half off.  Really well reviewed too.  BR slim fits can get real slim real quick, but a few reviews say these are pretty balanced.  Haven’t seen them in person.


Merino V-Neck – $29.99 – $44.24 & Cotton/Cashmere V-Neck – $18.74 – $29.99

Last winter’s sweaters?

Neither of these are the silk/cotton/cashmere sweaters.  All merino on the left, and cotton/cashmere on the right.  Sizes and colors are scattered, but there’s a good selection for most options.


Banana Republic Raglan Sleeve Crewneck – $29.99 – $37.49 ($59.50)

Sizes and colors are short.

These are back?  IF, these are the same sweaters, and they sure appear to be, the yarn is sourced from an Italian mill.  Fabric is an 80% wool / 20% nylon blend that  feels incredible.  Soft but tough.  Really unique. The fit is much trimmer than you think it’d be. If you’re in between sizes, might want to size up.  Colors and sizes are extremely short.


Banana Republic San Marcos Wingtip – $74.99 ($140)

Worth a shot at $75?

These have been gone for so long, plenty of us were thinking they were discontinued.  Sizes are all over the place.  Toe is a little squared off at the end, and the reviews are mixed namely due to the BR shoe quality questions, but you could do a hell of a lot worse for $75.


Banana Republic Monogram Covered Placket Tuxedo Shirt – $49.99 ($98.50)

Modern, sleek, has potential.

It’s monogram, so apparently the code doesn’t apply even though it’s not a suit.  Gotta love the one review left on this one:  “the shirt is for those who like a slim fit”  That’s it.  That’s the entire review.  That’s what got it one star.  Sounds like someone is bitter about falling off the Weight Watchers Wagon.  Ccovered placket which is tough to find.

Any theories on the restocking of the sale section?  Seems sort of strange.  Can’t recall this happening before.  Leave it all below.  Meanwhile, the Banana Republic extra 25% off code BRJULY expires today, 7/31/12.