Classics: 10 Reasons Why Fall is Better than Summer

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Ten reasons why Fall is a superior season to Summer

Originally Published 8/25/10

Summer is overrated.  It’s uncomfortable, it limits what you can wear, and for those in hotter locations, you’re stuck inside when the sun is shining because it’s blistering hot out.  I’ll take a perfect fall day over a perfect summer day any day.  The best season on the calendar is fall.  Not convinced?  Here’s 10 solid reasons why you should be itching like the rest of us autmnaholics for the weather to finally cool down.

1. Tweed or Corduroy Blazers: J. Crew Cord Blazer – $138 | Old Navy Cord Blazer – $49.50

$138 on the left, $50 on the right.

Buying new tweed is going to set you back quite a bit.  Try your local thrift store and you just might get lucky.  For Corduroy, the J. Crew Ludlow Blazer is one of their cheaper sport-coats, but buying from Old Navy and taking it to your tailor will save you boatloads.


2. Women in Sweaters

All hail fall.

You can have the tank tops and even the bikinis that accompany the months of June, July and August.  I submit to you Erin Andrews in a turtle neck as evidence of Fall’s superiority.


3. Soup – Everyday Food Cookbook – $15.79 | Campbell’s Select Harvest LIGHT – $2.79/can

Not as tasty in July.

Try this bacon infused Lentil Soup from Everyday Food.  And pick up the book which is full of recipes perfect for guys (few ingredients, easy to make, high presentation value) by clicking here.  Too busy and/or lazy to make it yourself?  Stick with the Campbell’s Select Harvest Light line.  Only 60 calories per serving, and two per can, the liquid will fill you up without weighing you down with calories.


4. Leather Gloves – French Connection UK Press Stud – $42.13

Look for something slightly different.

Don’t surrender to the standard three line top stitch glove.  Do something slightly different.  Like a black pair with an adjustable snap strap, or a brown pair with contrast stitching.  Or… both..


5. Football – Specifically ESPN’s College Gameday

It’s probably one of the best shows on all of Television.  Here’s to hoping Lee Corso continues to recover, and when it’s your teams biggest game, he chooses to wear their mascot’s head.


6. The Re-emergence of dark liquors – Auchentoshan Single Malt | Zaya Rum

Palate warmers.

Especially Drinking Scotch, Bourbon, or Rum (Zaya Specifically), neat, in the middle of the afternoon.


7. Sunset walks with a flask – Checkerboard Flask – $19.00 | Titanium Round Flask – $119

Cheap and really expensive. Both distinctive.

What’s better than a pre-twilight walk on a crisp fall evening?  Taking a drink along with you.  Tough to go wrong with either the Auchentoshan or Zaya up above.  Be discreet, and don’t get popped for violating some open container law.


8.  Wearing Boots Again – Urban Outfitters Ritano Wingtip – $78.00

UOs cheap boot.

Canvas sneakers, boat shoes, and loafers start to get old.  It’ll soon be time to break those boots back out.


9. Easy Layering – L.E.C. Cotton V neck – $50 | LL. Bean Signature Tweed Blazer – $195

Shirt, Sweater, Blazer.

Layering in fall couldn’t be easier.  A plain oxford underneath (like the Express 1mx), a slim v-neck over that, and then top it off with a well tailored blazer.  Jeans or chinos for your bottom half.  Done.


10. No more wet underarms – Old Spice Deodorant – $3.05 | Gillette Antiperspirant – $7.78

One of these holds back sweat. Another doesn’t.

Unless you’re a natural sweater, in the fall you’ll put on your deodorant in the morning (Old Spice High Endurance Classic Scent is a can’t miss) and it doesn’t have to work that hard throughout the day.  A note:  There’s a huge difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.  Deodorants do nothing to stop sweating.  Antiperspirants do.  So if you’re a heavy sweater, you might have to head in that direction.

Miss anything?  Leave your favorite parts about fall in the comments section below.