The $136 Ships Free Suit

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Express Stripe Stretch Wool Suit Jacket & Matching Pant – $135.98 ($346)

Part of the Express End of Season Sale.  Orders over $125 ship free through Wednesday 6/13.  Additional 20% off comes before checkout.  No code needed.

Sometimes, some guys, just need a really inexpensive suit that they can get tailored, wear the hell out of on occasion, and not feel too bad about if someone dumps a glass of red wine on them at a wedding.  This candidate has a lot of potential to fill that need.  Now, they did not have the pinstriped version of this “Producer” suit in store, but they did have a glen plaid.  Here’s how that one looked:

 Size Shown:  38R.  You’re going to want to size down if you’re in between sizes.  Their “Producer” suiting line runs a little more generous.  Still far from traditional and boxy, but not as slim as their “Photographer” line either.

  • The wool “Blend” is a 94% wool / 6% spandex.  So the vast majority of it wool.
  • The fabric is good.  Nothing to write home about, but not awful by any stretch either.
  • Fit is decently trim.  Size down though if you’re in between.
  • Button stance is a Ludlow-like lower slung, but it’s not too low either.
  • Drop in the jacket tail seems standard, not chopped (pic above taken from a slightly downward angle)
  • Arm holes aren’t super low.  Not super high either.
  • Shoulder pads could be thinner.  But they’re not awful either.
  • Lapels are slim, but not razor thin.
  • Non functioning buttons at the cuffs, side vents in the rear.  Pants fit well without being too tight.

Again, they didn’t have the exact suit in store for an in-person look, but for $136 and free shipping, it’s hard to ask for more.  Plenty of regular sizes (38, 40, 42, 44) left at post time (UPDATESizes are going real fast).  Returns free in store.  You are on the hook to ship it back to Express if that’s your only option.  $6.99 for U.S. customers.