Style Scenario: The early summer cool evening out

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What are you going to wear?  Sometimes there’s an easy answer.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas.  That’s what these are for.  All designed to get you in some stuff that’ll make you look and feel great, then get you out the door and off to do things other than thinking about your clothes.  Look for these with no regularity.  Want to suggest a scenario?  Send those in here.

It’s like the reverse of Indian Summer.  You’ve had a taste of the heat that’s on the way, then suddenly a cold front tears through, thunderstorms bring down a few trees, and you get a few days back in the 60s & 70s.  It’s probably one of the last chance’s you’ll get to enjoy fall-like temps until… fall.  So make a night of it.  Here’s what to wear.

The Jacket:  Haspel Navy 100% Linen or Seersucker Blazer – $134.99 w/ FRIENDS

All linen or all seersucker. Each under $140.

Was pushing $300, already on sale, and the Lord & Taylor friends & family code FRIENDS drops it to the real palatable price of just under $140.  Standard shipping is free too.  The linen or seersucker fabrics acknowledge the season, but after some potential work by your tailor you’ll still look extra sharp.  The linen is on the way for a review.  Also available in a beige/taupe/natural color for the same priceNote:  Pants that seem to match are available for all three: the seersucker, navy linen, and natural linen.  Those could make for an awfully inexpensive trio of suits?


The Shirt:  L.E.C. Glacier Blue Large Plaid – $15.99* | GAP oxford – $39.99

Pattern with solid, solid with seersucker.

Since the linen blazer is solid, don’t be afraid to mix in a little summer appropriate color with the on-sale “glacier blue” large plaid from LEC.  Also available: this custom fit Madras from RL, and the very safe red/white/blue open tatersall from J. Crew factory.    For the seersucker, stick to a casual solid like the not too-thick OCBD from GAP.  It’s a “classic” fit, which will be fine if you keep the jacket on.  Reviews say it runs a little trim anyway.  Should be less with a code.  (*Note:  use code ICECREAM and pin 1040 to get this extra 20% off price plus free shipping at $50+.  Expires 6/7)


The Pants:  Your favorite pair of dark denim

Last chance for these.

Because let’s be honest, this is one of the last times you’re going to get to wear them for awhile.  Comfortably at least.  And if you’re borderline addicted to denim like many of us are, now’s the time to get your fix.  Don’t be too worried about the blue on blue of the jeans and linen jacket.  As long as there’s a little bit of contrast (all you need is a very small amount of difference) you should be good.


The Sunglasses: Sunpocket II Tortoise – $45.00 via Bespoke Post ($75)

Just part of this month's Box of Awesome

McQueen anyone?  It might not be as “cool” as the club crowd, but most of us start our evenings while the  sun is still hanging around in some form.  Thus, sunglasses usually come along for the ride.  But once the sun has set, storing them can be a pain.  A small one, but a pain still.  Foldable shades really are pretty handy.  They easily fit into your blazer’s pocket, yet they won’t come flying out every time you bend down to tie your shoe/pick up a quarter/propose marriage etc…  Nifty.  Even nifty-er, is that these affordable versions (retail: $75) are included in this month’s box from Bespoke Post.  Also in the box: a 100% linen blanket, dominoes, and a sample size of shampoo.  All for $45.  Sure.


The Shoes:  Bruno Magli Suede Longwings – $131* | Ciro Lendini Suede Loafers – $112.64*

Suede for summer. Magli = want. Those were $234.

*You’ll need the code 12BIRTHDAY@YOOX to get these prices.*  It’s 12% off to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Yoox.  And yeah, you need that “@” in there.  Both are made in Italy, and the price on those Bruno Magli suedes are unreal.  Conservative, yes, but pretty rich looking with the denim and linen jacket.  A lighter shade for loafers will play well with the seersucker.  Other options that’ll work with both jackets include the on sale Allen Edmonds Sedona, and the also on sale for $90 (but returns are a pain) through Jack Threads Sebago Brattle.


The Belt:  Club Monaco Walter Webbing Belt – $59.50

The do anything other than all leather belt.

Expensive, and a regular old leather belt will do more than just fine here, but it’s one of the few prep inspired summer striped belts that somehow keeps the color from getting out of control.  Leather ends should show 90% of the time while your jacket is on, so the stripes will only jump through a bit.  Should be great with shorts, jeans, and tees later on.  Remember, if you’re a student (shakes fist at whippersnappers), use your .edu email to get 20% off.


The Splurge Watch: Christopher Ward Black or Beige C5 Malvern Aviator Mk II – $365

Spendy, but something.

Not cheap, but it’s an automatic, made in Switzerland, and the understated design is what a ton of you guys seem to really like.  Only 38mm in diameter so it’ll wear a little small for the guys who prefer watches that have a more substantial girth to ’em.  Tan dial or black dial on a brown leather band.  Keep an eye on this brand, they’re getting real popular real quick.  Affordable alternatives can be had from Hilfiger:  This auto with a black dial for $145, and this quartz in the beige for $73.50.


The Drink:  Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn Barleywine Style Ale

A lot of Barley Wines take the summer months off, which leaves those of us who like those sticky sweet, malty, flavor filled ales up a rushing creek we wish was frozen over.  That ain’t the case with the year-round Old Foghorn from San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing.  At 8 – 10% it’s a kick in the pants.  But it’s smooth enough on the tongue that you don’t notice the kicking which your pants are taking.  So, ease through dinner with just water.  Then sip slowly on one of these afterwards as dessert.  Soak up that last bit of cool air before summer becomes the annual sweat oven.

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