Style Battle: WILL Jacques Portfolio vs. Saddleback Thin Brief

There are no losers here.  Except the checking account.

Not everyone (anyone?) wants to carry a Zero Halliburton.  And for many, a cheaper case will do just fine.  But along with shoes and suits, plenty others feel like a splurge on a briefcase is worth the cash.  It just has to be something built to last and in possession of some timeless looks.  Enter the all leather throwbacks below.  Each has vintage style cut from high quality leather.  Both are made by companies that specialize in leather goodsWith the looks & quality comes a nasty price tag, but there’s no harm in looking.  Your pick should go in the comments section…

The Champion: Saddleback Leather Co. Thin Briefcase – $411.00

A beast.  No breakable parts and comes with the well known 100-year-warranty.  Lined in Pigskin.  Word is these are made in Mexico.  Constructed of 100% Full Grain American Boot Leather.  Weighs in at 4.25 pounds.  Full review here.


The Challenger: WILL Leather Goods Jacques Portfolio – $495.00

Antique looking luggage lock designed to be similar to those seen around in the 1920s.  Hand burnished veg tanned leather.  Available 7/15 but they’re taking pre-orders now.  No word on where these are made or if there’s any warranty.

Imagine if you were lucky enough that you had to choose.  Which one would you go with & why?  To the comments…