Extra 40% off one item Sale

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Free Shipping No Minimum w/ FSANN5

Extra 40% off offer doesn’t seem to apply to some categories like sunglasses.  Savings exp. 6/7

40% off is as good as it gets at the Neiman Marcus online outlet  And since it’s an outlet, it’s an extra 40% off already decent markdowns.  Slap a free shipping no minimum code (FSANN5) on there and even the small stuff gets real, real tempting.  There’s some new stock worth a look, and some familiar things that might be a good get for Father’s Day.  Remember, the discount is good on just one item.  So don’t go hog wild.  Onward:

Hugo Boss Made in the USA Navy Pinstripe Suit – $345 ($795)

Tons of potential here.

Probably the steal of the sale.  Just in to, made in the USA, Virgin Wool, and now at a price point you’d usually find Banana Republic or Indochino suits at.  But what precisely do these pinstripes look like?  How close are they?  It’s hard to tell.  Are the stripes like these?  Not sure. You are on the hook for returns.


Neiman Marcus Shave Kit Bag – $24.00 ($156)

Nice color combo.

“Compare to” $156?  Pfft.  Who’s dropping $156 on a shave kit bag?  The type who uses this to store his rolls of $100s, of which he uses to light his $5,000 cigars?  Looks great at $40.  Looks even better at 40% off and $24.  Looks real good when you use the free shipping no minimum code.


NM Trim Fit No-Iron Light Blue Check Dress Shirt – $33.00 ($89.50)

Just enough pattern & color.

Has a bit of a herringbone look on there that adds some visual texture.  This + Navy suit + light grey tie (maybe with some linen in that tie?) and you can brighten up a usually dark and conservative suit for summer.


Neiman Marcus Card Case in Brown or Black – $15.00 ($50)

Made in Italy.

Yep.  Simple.  And it’s the perfect solution to the “problem” of carrying a wallet around in trim fit suit pants.  Cards in one of these, cash in the pocket in a slim money clip if you so desire, and on with it.


Sperry Top-Sider AO Boat Shoe – $59.40 ($146)

Lightened up.

Not your average boat shoe.  Fabric and leather upper, real pale grey color, and real dark charcoal/black sole and laces.  Right.  Not your average boat shoe at all.


Openwork Beat Cufflinks – $57.00 ($165)

Made in the UK

Not a bad bit of wrist surprise for the guys who usually keep their suits, shirts, and ties solid and quiet.  These things look awfully intricate, delicate, and a bit artsy (& fartsy perhaps?).  A nice change of pace for those that don’t sport a lot of flash.  Remember, hardly anyone will catch that small ball on the inside of the wrists, and the white glass might blend a little with your cuffs.


Bruno Magli Gyzall Loafer – $197.40 ($465)

Image via the Nordstrom site.

A bit of a splurge, and not everyone is a believer, but a smooth loafer with a bit of wingtip style stitching can be hugely versatile.  Perfect match for jeans and a cotton sportcoat.  Or, the go-to for wearing a black silk knit tie with a khaki suit.  Made in Italy.  More views over at Nordstrom’s site where they’re still a steep $329.


Neiman Marcus Plaid Reversible Pocket Square – $10.80 ($45)


Made in the USA, cotton, eleven bucks, and you basically get two pocket squares in one.  Not bad.  Maybe a gift to that young fella you know who just gradated high school and could use something grown-up like a handkerchief or pocket square.


Sebago Salem Lace-Up – $89.40 ($175)

The dressed down "dress" shoe

Not really quite sure where Sebago is selling these for $175 (seems way high) but $90 is a solid price.  The great thing about the Salem and it’s Brogued-Out cousin, the Brattle, is that it’s an option for guys to wear with jeans who are used to sneakers.  If they’re REALLY used to sneakers, it’ll feel weird at first.  But after awhile, they don’t feel too dressed up at all.  Grippy sole and great shape.  Ships free with the code.


Neiman Marcus Croc Embossed Flask – $15.00 ($65)

What lurks within.

Here’s a gift idea if your pop has a sense of humor.  Fill it with the liquor or concoction you first stupidly got hammered off of (points to you if you avoided this event) and got away with the deed.*  Present it to him, and share a swig before he opens the card.  Confess your past sins.  Share the story.  Add a bottle of good stuff to the present if you wish.

*I’ll share:  It was a mix of Cuervo, Jim Beam, and Bacardi.  Together.  With diet mt. dew thrown in.  It’s what was available, and it was a nightmare.  And I completely, 100% blame Paul.  And yours?  To the comments…