Lands’ End Canvas 60% off Shoes & Accessories

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L.E.C. Destination Deal #4: 60% off Shoes & Accessories

Deal expires 6/13/12.  Use code FSAFF and pin 2121 for free shipping over $50.
UPDATE:  Looks like the code SUMMERSAVE and pin 2777 is good for free shipping no min.  Credit to you guys in the comments for the new code/pin…

The Lands’ End Canvas “Destination Deals” promo has been an interesting one to watch.  Sizeable discounts, basic items, all wrapped in a virtual road-trip package.  Nice piece of marketing out of the LEC crew.

Without question it appears they’ve saved the best deal for last.  60% off Shoes & accessories.  Sixty.  Pretty unheard of, and if you’re in the market for something made of waxed canvas or suede, or something to wrap around your waist or tie under your collar, then you’re in luck:

1963 Waxed Canvas Trip Bag – $56.00 ($140)

Been featured a few times.

Fifty six bucks?  No lie: a google search was just done with “Lands’ End Canvas” and some business related keywords, only to make sure Lands’ End was in good heath for fears that this bag at this price was something of a retail canary in the coal mine.  All’s quiet on that front, and Lands’ End / L.E.C. seems to continue to weather the storm parent company SEARS is going through.  A solid, plenty large for a weekend bag.  18x12x15 and the waxed canvas does a nice job of repelling water.  Ships free too.


Suede “Jackson” Chukka – $38.00 ($95)

"All them women gonna make me, teach 'em what they don't know how"

Three colors to choose from, after 5 reviews they’re 4.5/5, and they’ve got reinforced metal eyelets.  Under $40?  Sure thing.  Three colors to choose from.  Word is they run a bit big.


Waxed Canvas Road Trip Bag – $60.00 ($150)

Color = "Melon Breeze". (Gourd Gust unavailable for comment)

It’s like bright socks.  For your trunk.  2772 cubic inches of space with some snap in dividers.  Chambray lining.  If it’s a little too bright for you, maybe a splurge for her, and you surprise her with a weekend getaway with tickets (or reservations) inside the bag?  Eh?


Knit Chambray Tie – $28.00 ($70) | Knit Striped Tie – $24.00 ($60)

2" wide on both of these.

Lands’ End Canvas ties have been impressive so far.  Haven’t seen either of these in person, but one could be your go-to for that summer suit.  Both are silk, and the chambray is obviously tipped in, well… chambray.  Sixty and seventy bucks a pop seems awfully steep, but under $30 seems plenty fair.


Waxed Canvas iPad case – $20.00 ($50) | Shave Kit – $12.00 ($40)

No, the photos aren't to scale.

Like an iPhone in a leather case, an iPad protected in a material more classic like waxed canvas is a nice departure from the plastic and neoprene world of tech we’re all stuck in.  The shave kit is made of that same waxed canvas material.  Not bad for $12.  Monogramming will cost you another six dollars.  Couple colors available for both of these things.

Mainsail Shackle Braided – $20.00 ($50) | Mainsail Sailors Belt – $16.00 ($40)

And now, on sale.

Your move EF, Tergiversator_Maximus, Jason, Greg_S, Roth S, Jesse, Todd, Txdo Hawk, Chris…


Bamboo Handle Stick Umbrella – $15.80 ($39.50)

Now at a price that won't make the sky cry.

Any umbrella that costs more than the Totes Gentleman’s Umbrella sold at Macy’s seems expensive, but now this one is right on par with the price of the totes.  Kinda dig that bamboo handle too.

The 60% off Shoes & Accessories sale at Lands’ End Canvas is set to expire on Wednesday 6/13…