J. Crew 30% off Sale vs. Brooks Brothers Semi Annual

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30% off J. Crew Sale & Factory w/ SHOPNOW | Brooks Brothers Semi Annual

*30% off w/ SHOPNOW at J. Crew is only good on sale items and Factory items w/ prices in red.  Free shipping kicks in at $175 with a flat $8.95 before that.  Brooks Brothers shipping rates are oddly based on your purchase price.

It’s summer retail clearance season and this year selection seems to be down.  Maybe the last few years have been better because of the down economy and retailers had over-ordered, but they’ve since adapted.  Whatever the reason, J. Crew’s sale section is pretty thin, but there hasn’t been an extra 30% off code like SHOPNOW in a bit.  Meanwhile, the Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale prices aren’t quite as good as the discounts they were running last week for father’s day.  Odd.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t some slightly hidden gems.  Best of both are below…

J. Crew Ludlow Three Button Loro Piana Suit – $470 ($650)

Charcoal, Navy, and Black are available.

Just the jacket is on sale, so the extra 30% off only applies to your torso here.  Still, under $500 for a J. Crew suit in tons of sizes doesn’t happen every day.  And as far as the three button thing, get ready to see more and more of these in the next year or so (the two button will remain an all timer).  Of course, only button the middle button, and let the roll of the top button produce a two-button like opening between your jacket lapels.


J. Crew Ludlow Navy Linen Ludlow Suit – $390.40 ($456)

Untraditional summer color, on a traditional summer fabric.

And for this one, only the pants are on sale.  And it’s only the blue color that gets the discount.  Almost $400 is anything but cheap, but at least there’s a bit of a discount there.  A complete luxury, but a pretty slick one at that.


J. Crew MacAllister Suede – $87.50 ($135) | MacAllister Oiled – $96.60 ($148)

Made in Italy and can be resoled.

So these are nowhere near as cheap as the Lands’ End Canvas version, but they’re made in Italy of Italian Suede or Leather, and come with “stitched out welt construction.”  J. Crew customer service confirms that they can be resoled.


Tretorn for J. Crew Waxed Canvas Sneakers – $38.50 ($65)

Color: 'Navy Garden Topiary"... AKA: Blue

Started out a little too expensive for most.  Now down to not just Jack Purcell prices, but Chuck Taylor Prices (minus the shipping of course.)  Full review of the non waxed version here.


J. Crew Lambswool Dotted Shawl – $69.99 ($148)


Hell of a good looking sweater for seventy bucks.  Now more than half off with the extra 30%… it’s just the complete wrong season for it.  Wear it on cool mornings and you’ll be glad you have it come October.
(UPDATE:  This is one of those “expected to ship 10.2.12” things… which means, there’s almost certainly a glitch here.  Don’t expect your order to go through…)


Factory Polos: Slub Stripe – $22.75 ($39.50) | Rugby Pique – $22.75 ($36.50)

Two polos, all stripes.

Two t-shirt alternatives for now, and heading clear into autumn.  Slub cotton hast that sort of uneven looking texture to it, while the Pique is going to a bit heavier, but those bold stripes are worth it for those who don’t like pique.  Slub comes in two other colors.


Factory Pinpoint Oxford Bedford Pant – $44.80 ($68)

An alternative to seersucker?

Still a little pricey for a J. Crew Factory item, but if these feel anything like the standard J. Crew Oxford pant, then they’ll be worth it.  That fabric is noticeably breezier than a standard chino, but doesn’t feel limp or lifeless.  Colors on the Factory pant are different, but not fire engine red/canary yellow / kermit green different.


B.B. Extra Slims: Mini Tattersall, Pencil Stripe, Tattersall French, Graph Check$52.80 per*

Buying non-irons in bulk.

But this $52.80 price is only if you buy four.  Normally $88 a pop, four of these shirts would run you over $360.  Buy four at once and you get 40% off.  Buy just two and you get 25% off.  For a lot of us, $53 for one shirt is pricey.  And you have to drop $211.20 to get the deal.  But plenty of you guys swear by these things.  Brooks Brothers has four fits.  Traditional, Regular, Slim, and Extra Slim.  They run a little big, so extra slim fit won’t suffocate as many as you’d think.
Similar buy more/save more deals Brooks Brother’s is running right now:

Ray-Ban Caravan – $97.50 ($135)

Made in Italy and sold by an authorized retailer.

A really good price on a classic.  Caravans can be found at various retailers, but getting a legit pair for under $100 isn’t an everyday occurrence.  Part of the Spring Style Essentials rundown.


Brooks Brothers Linen/Cotton “Short” Trench Coat – $238.80 ($398)

Bit of a splurge even on sale.

Define short.  It’s certainly not cropped to jacket length, but since it’s not the uber traditional below the knee, the Brooks Brothers people must view this as “short.”  Looks like it’d cover a suit jacket easily, and a linen cotton blend sounds outstanding.  No epaulets on this one, which a lot of you guys would prefer.


Brooks Brothers Buffalo Check Wool/Nylon Duffel – $249.00 ($498)

He's a lumberjack and He's okay...

He sleeps all night, he works all day.


The Monster Splurge: Brooks Brothers Cashmere Regent Fit Sport Coat – $499.00 ($998)

Wonder if the windowpane jumps more in person?

Five hundred bucks is way more than most of us are willing/able to spend on a suit, let alone a brown sport coat.  But it was a full grand for a reason: it’s cashmere.  Real subtle windowpane pattern on the second trimmest fit Brooks Brothers offers.  Three-eights lined with a full canvas construction.  Luxury for sure, but versatile.  I’d wear it with jeans every friggin’ day that I could probably.


The Comic Relief: Brooks Brothers Cashmere Cable Dog Sweater – $49.00 ($98)

And the dog wears cashmere.

It’s very much about the reviews on this one:

Thinking J. Crew wins easily.  Re-soleable Italian desert boots just don’t come along for double digits that often.  Got a take on anything up above?  Any additions that got left out?  Like to suggest another dog sweater?  Leave it below.  The J. Crew Extra 30% off Sale and Red items at J. Crew Factory code SHOPNOW expires Thurs. 6/21/12