Dappered Classics: Is it okay to wear a Sportcoat with Shorts?

Can this actually be done?  Let your voice be heard.
From the Mailbag:  Thoughts on pairing a sportcoat/blazer with shorts

Originally Published 6/14/12.  Unstructured blazer, oxford shirt, & shorts all by GAP.  Loafers by SebagoSunglasses by Ray-BanBeer by Pabst.

Hi Joe,

Sportcoat and shorts.  Thoughts, oh yoda of menswear?

- Shawn

Yoda?  Nice.  I’ll take that title.  Let me attempt to channel the green one:

All but impossible, wearing a blazer with shorts is.
This Venn diagram, of times when they look good together you see?
Cross their paths not.

But look great with a blazer, a kilt willHerh herh herh.
If with a blazer a kilt looks better?  Tell you something about shorts, that should.

Extremely rare times there are… when work, shorts and a blazer can.
Already be wearing shorts, you must.  Outdoors must you be.  Go down, the sun must.
Cold very quickly it gets?  And nearby, your completely unstructured cotton sportcoat is…

To hell with it then.  Cross this stylistic Bering Strait you should, open another beer you shall…
And with confidence wear.

Your thoughts on pairing a blazer/sportcoat with shorts  are welcome in the comments.  As far as why wearing a sportcoat and shorts looks goofy?  It’s unbalanced in both weight and the situations each garment is normally worn in.  Shorts are ultra-casual.  Blazer’s aren’t.  Shorts are light and (obviously) leave your lower legs completely exposed.  You’ve got at least two layers when wearing a blazer.  It’s the wardrobe equivalent of an El Camino.