Dappered Classics: How to pick her up at the airport

Nope, not a guide on how to get a number at the terminal.

Originally Published 6/21/11

1. Don’t be late

Seems basic, yes, but more and more airlines appear to be hedging on ETAs by overestimating flight times.  Do flights often get delayed?  Of course.  But they’re starting to actually show up early too.  The last thing you want is for her to be standing there waiting after she’s just spent hours on a plane.  Use a flight tracker to see where she’s at while in the air.

2. Put some effort into your look

She just got out of a pressurized, winged metal tube, and 95% of her fellow passengers were dressed in flip-flops and pajama bottoms.  Don’t go overboard, but arrive in some sharp casual clothes.  This getup should do.  Who knows, maybe she’ll want to tell you about her trip over a cocktail on the way home.  You’ll be prepared this way.

3. Meet her inside

Don’t circle the airport in your car.  Make the effort to park and get to where you can see her walk out of security.  Otherwise you’re just a faint smell of stale cigarettes away from being no different than a cabbie.

4. Bring Flowers

But not roses.  Way too dramatic.  Show up with a dozen long-stem red roses and the entire airport will be expecting you to get down on one knee to propose.  Go with something less pretty and more cute like gerber daisies.  They’re big, colorful, affordable, and plenty easy to find at a grocery store on the way to the airport.

5. Take her luggage

There’s a reason why it’s not called floatage.  And she’s been lugging that luggage around for long enough.  Now it’s your turn.  Plus, she’ll be carrying the flowers.  When you hand her the gerbers, don’t ask, just pick up her bags.  Congrats, you’re her knight in shining armor.  Or, her pack mule.  One of the two.

6. Don’t expect much

Sure you’ve made the extra effort, but flying can be incredibly uncomfortable.  She’s probably drained from traveling.  Don’t expect her to tear her shirt off in appreciation when you hit the car.

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