Sunday Special: Bluefly’s Extra 30% Off Sale

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Blue Fly Extra 30% off Clearance Event – Exp. 6/10?

Free shipping kicks in once your order hits $75.  Word is these prices expire today, 6/10/12.

The sheer variety of what Bluefly carries is a little mind numbing.  They’re a bit like an easier to navigate Yoox.  Geared more towards women, but plenty of big names for the men.  Bluefly always has those big names for less than retail, but now those prices have been reduced by an extra 30%, plus, it seems that you can apply one of many codes floating around out there:

  • $15 off one $75 item = 15CCABIN
  • $25 off $100 = SUMMERSAVE
  • $30 off $150 = SAVE30
  • $40 off $200 = SPRING24

Got all those?  Prices are marked on the site and they are actually lower than what they were before this event got underway.  Codes have been working so far, even when you combine items to cross a threshold.

A. Testoni Suede Drivers – $122.59 w/ SAVE30 ($375)

Extra 30% + Extra $30 off = Extra Nice.

As low as you’ll probably find a shoe from A. Testoni.  A decent range of sizes left.  Standard Driver shape with a not too invasive back heel.  Great rich amber suede color with some leather around the foot opening.  Ships free too.


Joseph Abboud Glen Plaid Suit – $284.09 w/ SPRING24 ($695)

Serious potential at this price.

It is fused, but credit to BlueFly for at least saying as such.  And y’know what?  Fused is just fine for most of us who are on a budget.  Just spare it the harsh dry cleaning process unless absolutely necessary.  And try finding a suit with a jacket that’s not fused for the high $200s.  This is just a touch more than a Hilfiger suit will run you, and this is made in the USA of super 120s wool.  (The “super” 100s, 110s, 120s wool thing can get convoluted, but usually the higher the number = the better feel / fineness of fabric.  More here.  History on this here.)  Perfect extra-personality pattern but doesn’t go way over the top.  Still very much office appropriate, but not boring.  Maybe the best in-show for this sale.  Use the code SPRING24 to knock $40 off the already low price to dip it into the high $200s.  Ships free.


WESC Cable Knit Elbow Patch Sweater – $38.49 ($99)

Description says it's a "contemporary fit"?

Yes it’s the wrong season to get what looks to be a substantial cable knit sweater.  But that’s why it’s more than half off.  It’s a blend:  30% Acrylic / 30% Cotton / 20% Nylon / 20% Wool.  Quite the material cornucopia there, but blends can often work out for the best.  Elbow patches look good.  Maybe one of those can’t-wait-for-fall sweaters.


Varvatos Star USA striped cotton blazer – $126.09 w/ SAVE30 ($395)

Yes, it's striped. G'Damn "moire effect" strikes again.

Almost $400 retail is pushing it, but $126 shipped is more than fair.  Use the code SAVE30 to take the last $30 off.  A few regular sizes left, but stock is limited.  They call it lightweight, it’s cotton, and it’s fully lined (but with what?).  Varvatos stuff usually fits slimmer, and the description says these have a contemporary fit.


Original Penguin Speckled Crewneck – $30.79 ($79)

Hoodie upgrade without a hood

100% cotton, and the thing you’ll reach for when you want to camp out on the couch on a lazy evening, but don’t want to feel like a total slob.


Lacoste braided belt – $28.69 ($70)

It's like a fabric woven belt... that's not fabric. Right.

Not a bad looking version of the suddenly back in style braided leather belt.  Solid, unbraided leather near the buckle, and then the strips of leather that make up the weave are slim from there on to the other side.  Silver croc.


Cheap Cashmere: Harrison Henley – $63 | Autumn Raglan – $70 & Contrast Stitch – $70

Each was around $100 recently.

“Retail” value for these are $320, $275, and and $260 respectively… but they’re all 100% cashmere.  Cheap cashmere can feel and wear a lot differently than expensive cashmere, but it’s still cashmere and these are awfully accessible prices.  Both brands have gotten some solid reviews on BlueFly’s site by customers.  The raglan crewneck is going to be the safest play.


Inhabit Cashmere Crewneck – $69.99 ($318)

Beware the seams.

Another 100% cashmere sweater for a relatively inexpensive price.  This one comes in more sizes and more neutral colors, but beware the raised seams on the underside of the arms.


J.A.C.S Striped Cotton Button Up – $18.89 ($49)

Fit is real trim.

Dear retailers:  Please start specifying whether or not a shirt has slots for collar stays.  That’s a make or break for many of us.  Just A Cheap Shirt shirts fit real slim.  So know that.  Could be a perfect addition to your cart if you’re close to a code or the free shipping threshold.


Theory Wool 2.5″ Tie – $38.49 ($98)

Real subtle stripes.

A real nice price on a Made in the USA slim wool tie.  Not too slim (for most) at two and a half inches.


Farah Striped “The Jefferson” Sweater – $62.89 ($130)

Despite trim looking here, fit description says "classic".

The Jefferson?   Cue the music.  60% cotton, 30% nylon, 10% wool.  Still a little expensive even when marked down.  “F” on the chest will be liked by some and shunned by others.  Might be worth it if you’re buying more than one thing and can use one of those codes.


Go ahead and skip this one: WESC Chambray Panel Shirt – $32.19 ($79)

Like a car with a clashing replacement door.

The hell…

Extra 30% off prices come/came to an end on Sunday 6/10.  Codes should still work for a bit though.