Dappered Classics: Why you should get your shirts tailored

Dappered Classics:  Why you should get your shirts tailored
The Shirt Tailoring Experiment:  Alfani Red, Perry Ellis, and Nordstrom

Not to sound like a sartorial beatnik version of Johnny Cochran, but… the fit is it.  Man.

Can ya dig?

Getting a slim fit blazer tailored in at the sides can make you look like you’re ten pounds lighter, and the same goes for dress shirts.  Many of us don’t do the entire business casual chinos on the bottom / solo button up on top look, but even if you’re rarely without a jacket, it’s still worthwhile to have your slim-fit shirts brought in.  Sometimes your blazer has to come off and you don’t want to look sloppy.  That, and a tailored dress shirt actually feels better under your jacket.  Pics in a moment, but first the vitals:

  • Height: 5’9″-10″, Weight: Between 165-170lbs
  • Shirt Size:  Medium.  Neck and Sleeve shirt size:  15.5 / 33.  Jacket size: 38-40.
  • Wear a 31-32 waist in jeans and trousers
  • I like to exercise, have an unusually large torso, and some thickness in the shoulders.
Alfani RED Red Check Dress Shirt – $45.00 (wait for a sale)

Left: Before.  Right: After

Alfani RED leans slimmer, but calling these shirts a true slim fit might be generous.  Before tailoring there’s too much wobble at the sides and even through the sleeves.  I always liked the pattern on this red mini check but it just didn’t feel right away from a suit.  Post tailoring it’s like a whole new shirt and even goes great with jeans.


Perry Ellis Blue Box Weave Button Up (discontinued design)

Left: Before. Right: After

Getting a shirt tailored is like putting a new striped band on a long forgotten watch.  This shirt might be ten years old.  It was my personal “oh-hell-I-forgot-to-do-laundry” shirt, and if you look at the left picture you can see why I never wore it.  It was big enough that it felt uncomfortable.  After tailoring, it’s regained a place in regular rotation.


Nordstrom Trim Fit Wrinkle Free – $49.50 (sizes are real scarce online)

Slimming down the sides and the sleeves

More proof that even “slim fit” shirts need tailoring.  Nordstrom’s wrinkle-free slim fit shirts are a personal go-to for dressed up/suited wear.  With a BMI around 23-24, my body type is “normal” but I’m far from skinny.  My torso is also unusually large.  Take a look at the pins that were put in pre-tailoring.  My tailor took at least an inch off each side and down through the arms.  Top pic is after.  Now it fits like a custom shirt and moves ridiculously well under my jackets.

Total cost per shirt = around $15.00.  Do you get your shirts tailored?  Is it worth it to you?  Leave it all below.

Above: Pants by Banana Republic, Watch by Golana, all shirt collars assisted by Wurkin Stiffs.