Yoox Spring/Summer Sale Picks

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Yoox Up to 30% off – Sale Ends 5/23

Browsing the inventory at Yoox is insane.  There are 41,000 items… on sale.  And that’s just for the fellas.  Forget their regular-price inventory, they have more marked down items for guys in this sale than the city of Green Bay Wisconsin (go Pack go) has grown men.

They carry brands ranging from Ben Sherman to Zegna.  Free shipping doesn’t kick in until $200, and the steep $9.95 standard shipping (to the U.S.) isn’t the speediest in the world.  Returns will also cost you $6.00, so buying through them is far from risk free.  But again, the inventory is…um… ginormous.  Here’s a snapshot:

Ciro Lendini Suede Loafers – $130.00 ($138)

Only eight bucks off? C'mon yoox.

And that right there looks to be the perfect loafer shape.  Not Bass Weejun stumpy (although the weejuns are classic) and not spear like either.  A trim shape with a smooth penny strap over the top.  Made in Italy by Ciro Lendini, which appears to be a Yoox exclusive brand.


Piero Lissoni for Alessi Chronograph – $89.00 ($230)

Really different, but not freakish.

Modern looking for sure, but that’s what you get when an Italian Architect who designs just about everything he can in this sort of minimalist style is tasked with making a line of timepieces.  By some weird coincidence, Mrs. Dappered and I met an architect last week, the guy happened to like Piero Lissoni, and he was wearing this watch.  It looks terrific in person, and the sub-dials certainly keep it from looking too blank or cold.  A steal at $89 when you consider the MoMA store is selling it for $290.


Gant Polo Shirt – $45.00 ($55)

Big name, bold look.

A splurge for a polo shirt, but the colors and stripes are terrific.  For those who are anti-logo, there might not be a logo on the left chest, but there is one on the sleeve.  So know that.  Jersey knit


Bruno Magli Bit Loafer – $160 ($225) Suede Wing – $170 ($234) Calf Wing – $165 ($235)

The Magli Yoox Spectrum

Can’t recall seeing Bruno Magli shoes dip this low into the $100s since the great CLAD fire sale of 2012.  Bit loafers aren’t for everyone, but $160 for a standard black pair like this seems more than fair.  Toe is going to be a little square for some.  No perforations on either the Suede or Calf wing, giving these made-in-Italy shoes a cleaner look.


Belstaff Nylon/Polymaid Bomber Jacket in Blue or Black – $225 ($315)

Not cheap, but has all the bells and whistles.

That’s a lot of money for a nylon jacket, but it’s from Belstaff, so it better be more substantial than some paper thin thing you could find on the clearance rack at Old Navy.  One thing about Yoox:  They often just throw garments on mannequins and shoot the photos.  These jackets are obviously getting that treatment.  Looks like along with the collar buckle and reinforced shoulders, these come with underarm vents to help keep your pits aired out.


Ben Sherman Cotton Jacket – $69.00 ($95)


Or, there’s this.  Description says it’s cotton, but it looks like it might have some kind of waxed or coated treatment applied to it?  Key word there is might.  All sizes available.


Ciro Lendini Brogue Cap Toe Lace-ups – $128.00 ($158)

Budget friendly Italian shoes.

First mentioned last week over here.  Leather looks a little glossy in the online pics, but the styling is dead on for a lot of us.  Again, made in Italy for this brand that only Yoox seems to carry.


Ben Sherman Wool Blend Plaid Blazer – $125.00 ($178)

Smalls and mediums are left.

40% wool, 40% poly, and 20% viscose.  Add the synthetic blend on top of the flannel like looking texture, and you’re probably going to have to wait awhile to wear this thing.  But $125 for a blazer in this pattern is pretty low.  Speaking of low, no word on how low the tail drops, so be warned that it might be chopped too short for many’s butt-covering tastes.  A 100% wool, more traditional looking sport coat complete with ticket pocket can be had over at Overstock for around $220.


Ciro Lendini Suede Double Monk – $145.00 ($155)

Well, 70% don't think monks are overrated.

Along with the DSW brand Mercanti Fiorentini (also made in Italy for reasonable prices), Ciro Lendini is the other brand that seems to make double monk strap loafers for under two hundred bucks.  Seen the grey version of these in person, and they’re well built.  Substantial feeling in your hands, and should hold up for awhile.  Hat tip to Double Monks for “only” picking up 30% during the recent what’s overrated style poll.


French Connection Cotton Shawl Cardigan – $115.00 ($125)

Points for the extremely light colored buttons.

Something to keep an eye on, since you’ve got to think it’ll get marked down further as the weeks go on.  Looks like a heavier shaker-style knit, but the description says “lightweight.”  Hm.  Gordon’s Fisherman + Runway Model = this.


Bruno Magli Textured Wallet – $69.00 ($78)


Has that basket-weave/stamped kind of look that makes it way different than a standard billfold.  Does have that brand badge on it.  Could have easily been thrown into the mix with these other not-so-normal wallets.


Scotch & Soda Wool Mix Double Breasted Coat – $160 ($245)

Has that great above the knee length.

Only available in size medium, and you’re going to have to be one of those incredible planner-types to actually consider buying a winter coat in May… but it’s a looker and under $200.


Brooks Brothers Polo – $55.00 ($78)

Sorry Waldo. Not for $55.

Heyyyyy.  Found him.

The up to 30% off sale at Yoox is set to expire Wednesday 5/23/12.