Where To Wear It: Driving Loafers Five Ways

Our well traveled correspondent's ode to his favorite shoes.

Paul’s currently on a year-long road trip around the states.  While on the road, he’s keeping an eye on the style of the places he visits, and trying not to turn into a total dirtbag.  Follow his other adventures on drivinginertia.com.

I used to travel a lot for work, and now my entire life is one big trip. Driving loafers are my go-to travel shoe. They’re turning into my go-to everything shoe. They’re amazingly versatile – they may be the most versatile shoes you own. If you don’t have a pair, try some out, then try them in these settings.

1. Business Casual

Driving loafers are perfect business casual shoes.  They’re more elegant than sneakers and a lot more comfortable than most dress shoes.  Those in more informal industries can wear them everyday, but bankers and lawyers may need to stick to casual Fridays.  If boat shoes are a little too casual for your office, try driving loafers.

My loafers have seen a lot of miles.

2. Laid Back Weddings

The attire choices of wedding attendees range widely and wildly.  Those in the wedding are often (too often?) in tuxedos while Uncle Carl will show up in cargo pants and a plaid shirt even if the invite specifies black tie. Driving loafers land right in the middle, neither too fussy nor too casual – and that makes them great for weddings (minus the black tie ones).  But if you’re a dancer, they’re far from ideal, so skip them.  But if you self-identify as a dancer, you already know that.

3. Air and Hotel Travel

When flying, driving loafers are easy to slip off and plop on the security belt, and they’re great slipper stand-ins on the flight.  Get swollen feet while flying?  Give driving loafers a shot.  And if your hotel’s floor is a bit crusty, well, good thing you’ve got such comfortable shoes with you to wear around the room.

4. At the Beach, Beach Bar

Don’t want to be a flip-flop guy?  Want to stand out a bit from the sandal-wearing summer pack?  Try driving loafers.  They’re lightweight and great sockless.  Go for brown or another non-black color in these situations.  Black shoes are a bit formal for the beach.

5. Um, Driving. Duh.

That’s what they’re made for.  Start wearing them too much, and you just may have to pair them with a classic 911 or Triumph sports car.  Not a bad problem to have.  Take your sports car and find yourself a good road, like this one.

If you’re buying your first pair, grab a brown pair from J. Crew.  They’ve served me well.

Are you a driving loafer fan? Let everyone know in the comments.