Under $100 Finds: Park & Bond’s Sale Section

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Park & Bond Sale < $100

Gilt offspring Park & Bond is, in a very very small way, like Nordstrom.  They don’t run sale events that often, if at all.  Gilt has the daily sale thing down anyway, so Park & Bond’s sale section just sees a slow trickle of discounted goods.  Checking in every once in awhile isn’t a bad idea, because sometimes it’s stacked with a batch like this.

Since P&B is a Gilt product, you can use your credits if you have any from referrals, returns, etc.  Not bad if you’re sitting on some of those since there’s worthwhile items starting at $25.  If you’re not, know that everything you’ll find below (with one exception) is under a C-note.  That’s not the norm for Gilt’s usually full retail baby.  Be warned, some of this is final sale which means no returns.

Original Penguin The Earl Polo – $25.00 ($59)

Duke Duke Duke, Duke of...

Final sale, and just these two colors are available.  But twenty five bucks for OP’s The Earl polo is unheard of.  Heritage slim fit.  Pique on this one.  Meanwhile, Neimann Marcus has plenty more colors for $41, and free shipping with the code MAYFS
UPDATE:  These are all but sold out. 


Boss Black Dark Blue Plaid Tie – $48.00 ($95)

Made in Italy

Hits all of the right points.  Dark, subtle pattern, doesn’t look too wide or too narrow (no specific measurement though), 70% wool and 30% silk, and made in Italy.  Sure thing, that’ll do nicely.


Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Sport Shirt – $56.00 ($79.50)

Cheap? No. Cheaper? Yes.

Box pleat on the back and a trim fit.  Speckled fabric with a red white and blue check.  One of those shirts you can wear about half a billion ways.


Original Penguin Waffle Hoodie – $54.00 $63.00 ($89)

Damn that looks comfortable.

Hoodies can go “wrong” pretty quickly, but this one hits plenty of right points.  The waffle texture embraces the “this is as dressed down as it gets” vibe, the color is right on, and it’s not super bulky.  Sorry zero-tolerance-logo types, there are more than a few of us who are suckers for the penguin.  UPDATE:  This dropped from $63 to $54.  Thanks to Guest in the comments for the heads up.


Brooks Brothers Reversible Bow Tie – $46.00 ($65)

Somebody get George Will on the blower. Stat.

You’re either a bow-tie guy or you’re not.  But for those of us that aren’t, and wish we were?  This might have been what we’d wear… (enough hypotheticals for you?)  Dots on one side, stripes on the other.  Made in the USA.


Parke & Ronen made in the USA 4″ Swim Trunk – $63.00 ($90)

For the fit fellas.

They make swim trunks in the states?  Who knew.  Hardly a flashy color, and hits the trifecta: shorter inseam, mesh liner, and a waist band that doesn’t have that bunchy, diaper like elastic.  The made in the US thing is a huge bonus.  Doesn’t come in S/M/L, but instead, 28, 30, 32, etc…


Boss Gloves in Black, Brown, and Double Stitch – $33.00 ($65)

Classy, out of season, and half off.

All of these are final sale, and all come in more exact sizing than small, medium, large, etc…  Sizes are limited.  Not sure what your glove size is?  Go here for an explanation on where to measure.  Don’t have a measuring tape?  Take your cell phone charger cord and wrap it around your hand’s knuckles and hold that spot with your fingers.  Now compare that to the short (or long) side of a standard piece of 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper.  You should be able to estimate from there.


Hugo Boss Silver Plated Brass Cufflinks – $63.00 ($125)

Keeping it simple.

Sure $63 is a ton to play for two tiny pieces of made in China metal.  But sometimes you pay for class and simplicity.  Okay, so, the stamped logo isn’t the classiest thing, but at least it’s subtle.  Final sale.


Marc by Marc Jacobs “Hearts & Dots” Handkerchief – $34.00 ($48)

61% Cotton, 39% silk

A bit of a splurge, but the cotton/silk blend should be a little something different.  Called “Hearts & Dots” because it’s not just dots (how clever…)  White and navy available.


The Completely Stupid Splurge: Ferragamo Rubber Rain Boots – $196 ($280)

Well, they're less than $100 per boot.

Pardon the abbreviated french, but… coolest… f’ing… rainboots… ever.

Again, watch yourself for final sale items, since final sale means you can’t return the item.  And now, speaking of “Benjamins”, the obligatory music videoPoint/Counter Point from the Onion is terrific.  Rock version here.