Quick Picks: Dockers Semi-Annual Khaki Sale

Alphas for $32 if you're wiling to jump through a hoop.

Dockers Semi-Annual Khaki Sale – Free Shipping at $50

No code necessary.  Savings and shipping offer expire 5/14.  Get an extra 20% off and free shipping no minimum if you sign up for their email list.  So that’s kinda nifty.

Uh oh.  Is the bloom off the Dockers revival rose?  Their semi-annual khaki sale seems to be one of their bigger events of the year, and their site is sort of, well… Old Mother Hubbard-esque.

Still, with cotton prices high and plenty of guys not wearing suits nor jeans to work, finding pants at decent prices ain’t easy.  And some guys swear by their D1s and Alphas.  So here they be.  Three combos below will get you the free shipping and leave you looking smart.  Get an additional 20% off and free shipping no minimum by signing up for their email list.  They’ll send you a confirmation email right away, just click through from there, and the discount is automatically applied.  Off we go…

Soft Khaki Flat Front in Ghurka – $29.99 | Stainless – $29.99 ($59)

No pleats, no crease, no predictable shade.

Out with the old, tired, lighter khaki colors.  In with these.  If you’ve assembled an arsenal of chinos in that standard light khaki, consider these instead.  Reach for a not too wild but definitely different, clay color like ghurka, and/or a grey like the dark but not too dark “stainless.”  Pre-sale they were pushing $60.  After the sale they’re $30 a pop.  Get two, and you get free shipping.  So it’s basically a buy one get one free.  Comes without a crease, which is key.  More relaxed, but iron them up crisp and they’ll do fine in most work places.
***These drop to under $24 shipped if you sign up for their email list…


Made in the States Buckleback in Dark Meadow or Barley – $69.99 ($185)

Buckle up kids.

If these were from J. Crew, you can bet they’d be called a “collector’s item”.  Buckle in the back keeps the fit as perfect as possible from day to night.  “Made in the States.”  Sizes are a little scattered, but ships free.
***Down to $56 if you sign up for their email list and get the discount emailed to you…


Alpha Khakis (all 4 colors) – $40.00 ($68) + Slim Fit Work Shirt – $30.00 ($68)

The alpha = loved by some.

This sale seems to be when the Alpha-Khaki addicts pay the most attention, but honestly, there’s not a ton of colors to pick from this time around.  For the alpha-curious, you best like your pants close fitting and tapered.  Otherwise, skip it.  Alphas also have thicker cloth and heavier reinforced seams.  The work shirt has a nice check pattern to it, claims to be slim fit, and comes with a button down collar.
***Alphas for $32?  It’s possible if you sign up for their email list.  Free shipping both ways with that promo too.

Pretty weak for a semi-annual sale no?  Are you a Dockers believer?  Thoughts on the Alpha vs. the D1?  Is Dockers starting to slide back into the territory of “mneh?”  Leave it all below…