Dappered for Women: fullclutch.com

Introducing Dappered's better half.

full clutch – smart sophisticated style

Nope, it’s not a website about automotive parts.  A few have asked if there was a website out there that was like Dappered, only for women.  There didn’t seem to be, so, we went ahead and made one.

Like Dappered, full clutch will keep their focus on affordable, accessible style.  Notice on the best sales, product testing, and even guilty pleasures.  Headed up in part by Beth, they’ve had their feminine noses to the grindstone, working their tails off to give their new readers the full experience.  Along with the site, you can find them on:

If you were one of those who asked about a Dappered-for-women website on behalf of your wife, girlfriend, sister, co-worker, etc… we’d love it if you passed along the news about Dappered’s new better half, full clutch.

And as always, we thank you for your support.