Brooks Brothers Friends & Family 25% Off Picks

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Take 25% off almost everything with code FNFBB1 or FNFBB3

Code expires Saturday May 12, 2012.  FNBB1 showed up on the postal mailers, FNFBB3 is on their site.  Offer not good on Made-to-Measure, men’s cordovan shoes, and a few other specialized exclusions.  Should work on sale.  

The Brooks Brothers Website is one expensive haystack.  These are the somewhat affordable needles.  Usually the F&F Code works on items already on sale (let’s hope it stays that way), but this time around the online sale section is decimated.    Still, there are some finds worth taking a look at.  Items are limited to those with a good variety of size selections (at least to start).

Randcourt & Co Suede Chukkas – $111.75 ($298)

Made in the USA.

Was pushing $300 and made from Horween Suede in Maine.  Already marked down and with the extra 25% off they get real tempting at just over a hundred bucks.  Crepe soles that can be re-soled.


Regent Fit Made in the USA Saxxon Wool Sport Coat – $243.00 ($648)

Not boring. At all.

It ain’t cheap, even when on sale and an extra 25% is taken off, but it’s an investment that should stand up to just about anything.  Made in the USA, side vents, and the second slimmest cut Brooks Brothers offers.  Sizes are starting to get a little sparse.


Brooks Brothers Metal Navigator & Aviator Sunglasses – $71.25 ($95.00)

$71 is much more palatable.

That’s more like it, rather than going for full price through Nordstrom.  They look great, but the feel?  Might want to read the full review over here.  And you best have a smaller face.  But these from the Brooks Brothers website claim to be “Made in Italy.”  It was China for the BB sunglasses via Nordstrom.  Hmm.


Sterling Silver Knot Cufflinks – $71.25 ($95)

Reluctant and subtle flash.

As simple and unflashy as flashy cufflinks can get.  Sterling silver, simple knots, for the guy who doesn’t like all that shined up stuff but every so often wants to dress way up.


Bison Leather Boots – $74.25 ($198)

Heavily pebbled. Not going to keep your feet cool.

These don’t exactly scream summer.  But if you’re a boot guy, seventy five bucks seems like a more than reasonable investment for something as unique as these.  bison leather, moc toe and lug sole.  Imported.  Already on sale.


Bison Driver – $96.00 ($125)

Yes please.

As the kids used to say:  Oh.  Snap.  Available in the lighter cognac brown shown here, a dark brown, red, and blue.  Blue bison?  WHO KNEW.


Extra Slim Fit Plaid Sport Shirt – $29.81 ($79.50)

Binford's version doesn't come in extra slim like this.

I don’t think so Tim…


Slim Fit Tattersall Sport Shirt – $26.06 ($69.50)


It’s not the extra-slim fit, but it sure is cheap and the pattern is wildly versatile and real easy to layer under solids.  Button down collar with a button in the back.  Already on sale.


Slim Fit Large Tattersall Sport Shirt – $26.06 ($69.50)


Don’t write off a bit tattersall pattern like this.  It’s a good spring and summer pattern, and the one review on the Brooks Brothers website says the fabric is super lightweight (the reviewer uses the word “sheer” so, might be too thin for some).  Comes in either green & blue or yellow & blue.  Also already on sale.


Pigskin Lined Calfskin Card Case – $36.00 ($48)

Keep the color, hold the stripes.

Simple, slim, and an embossed logo.  Also available in brown, but it’s the red here that jumps.


Linen Vest/Waistcoat – $148.50 ($198)

Some can pull it off well.

Waistcoats aren’t cheap, especially when they’re made from Italian linen.  Unique not just because of the fabric, but check out the lapels.


Washed Canvas and Leather Duffel – $261.00 ($348)

Nice. Expensive. Nice & Expensive.

Over $250 is a lot for a canvas duffel, but this thing is a looker.  Two color options to pick from.  About 2300 cubic inches of space.  So not huge, but not tiny either.  Less expensive weekend duffel options over here.


Slim Fit Micro Tattersall Sport Shirt – $26.06 ($69.50)

Blue & Orange shown. Blue & Blue also available.

Reminiscent of the L.E.C. orange and blue micro tattersall poplin that they had a ways back.  Like the other tattersall shirts above, on sale and in the slim, but not extra-slim fit.  No button down collar here.


Bengal Stripe Slim or Non-Iron Alternating Tatersall Slim – $33 ($88)

Already on sale dress shirts.

Take your pick.  Two dress shirts, with the bengal stripe being the safest play thanks to the extra stripe in the pattern on the tattersall.  Both in a slim fit, and the Tatersall has a non-iron finish for those who prefer that.  Neck and sleeve measurements here of course.


Santa Riding a Reindeer Go-To-Hell Pants – $48.00 ($128)

Christmas in July?

Oh, like YOU couldn’t find somewhere to wear these this summer? “Go-to-hell” and “Santa” just doesn’t sound right.

The Brooks Brothers 25% off Friends and Family sale cod FNFBB1 expires Saturday May 12th.