Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bag Sale – Extra 20% off

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Bloomingdale’s Sale:  Take an extra 20% off with BIGBAG20

Free shipping doesn’t kick in until $150.  Sale prices and code expire Monday 5/28/12.

If a sale happens on the web, and everyone took the day off from work, does the tree make a sound?  Bloomingdale’s isn’t really known for throwing mind-bending affordable sales, but this one is unusually decent.  Apply the extra 20% off code BIGBAG20 and it’s worth a quick look, even if the prices with that extra discount are still steep.  Time to stop wasting time on this day where if you actually are at work, you’re most likely wasting time:

Frye Walter in Tan or Brown – $166.88 ($298)


Good.  Grief.  Made in the USA.  They look quite a bit like the Alden Indy.  Only they’re at an attainable price (albeit a splurge for most).  Again, Made in the USA.  Lots of sizesUpdate: Browns are gone, tans are going fastGuess you guys did like these a bit.  Extremely tempting.


Ecoalf Porto Weekend Duffel bag – $160.00 ($250)

On the smaller side.

The eco part = the nylon exterior is made from recycled “discarded fishing nets.”  Pretty basic, but pulls off the brown + black combo extremely well.  1857 cubic inches, so, it’s not the biggest thing.


Ecoalf London Computer Brief – $121.60 ($190)

15" long.

Another bag from the style leader in recycled fishing net gear.  Has that same soft looking nylon, and this would have been perfect for this post over here.


Grayers Todd French Terry Cardigan – $27.00 ($95)

Under $30 is plenty fine.

It’s a little warm this time of year to wear during the day, but on those rare cool mornings, it might be your go to for heading to the gym, or for wandering out to get the paper.


The Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s Suede and Leather Venetians – $98 ($175)

Sizes are getting limited in the pebbled leather.

Not everyone’s style, but they’re made in Italy for Bloomingdale’s, and their house brand has a real good reputation.  Doesn’t ship free.


WANT Les Essentials de la Vie Cotton Weekender – $200 ($395)

"WANT" is the brand, not the personal desirability factor.

Made from organic cotton, so, maybe it’s tasty?  A sizable 2880 cubic inches of space.  That’s not enormous, but that’s good and big for a weekend bag.  Not a traditional duffel looking shape, but more of a big ol’ tote looking thing.  Leather handles and bottom.


Men’s store at Bloomingdale’s Cashmere Mock Button Neck – $70.80 ($295)

Charcoal and size medium is the only option left.

Sorry fellas, just down to size Medium.  Probably won’t last all that long despite it being out of season for wear.  Cashmere, was pushing $300, and just charcoal left.  *Update: sold out.  Cue The Price Is Right loosing horn.


The Splurge:  Paul Smith – $93.60 ($195) & Bally Card Cases – $80.00 ($125)

A little color that goes a long way.

Unique.  Expensive even with the discount.  Might make a nice present for the guy who has everything but is still lugging around a fat friggin’ wallet wherever he goes.  Again, expensive even with the discount.


The Splurge Part II: Buccellati “Oak” Sterling Cuff Links – $182.00 ($325)

Has an early 20th century luxury feel.

Say you’re looking for a splurge of a gift.  Maybe for a true pal who’s going to be your best man.  Or, your friend is getting married and they’d like to get their husband-to-be a wedding present.  Or, someone just graduated law school.  Whatever the case, if the potential recipient appreciates a classic, almost antique style, then these might be up his alley.  Sterling silver, made in Italy, and that incredible texture/filigree creates a pair of oak leaves on each hub.

The Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bag sale and the extra 20% off code BIGBAG20 end Monday 5/28/12.