Banana Republic + GAP 25% off Sale

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25% off at BR with BRBETTER  |  25% off GAP with GAPTICTOK

Banana Republic code expires today, 5/2.  Gap code expires 5/3.  Notice the spelling in the GAP code, so don’t spell it correctly and then wonder why it’s not working.  Free shipping kicks in at $50 as always.

Broken record time.  When it comes to the GAP inc brands, 25% off is good.  30% off is real good.  Anything above that and it’s rare.  So at first glance this looks just… good.  But there are a few advantages this one has over other 25% off sales:

  • You can combine orders from GAP and BR to get to the $50 free shipping threshold
  • Unlike the past few codes, regular suiting is NOT excluded this time (Monogram suiting is though)
  • There’s some new arrivals and new sale section additions worth a look for both brands.
Banana Republic Corbin Sunglasses – $58.50($78)

Thick, but not too chunky/casual for plastic frames

Part of the best sunglasses under $100 list.  Real nice for the price.  They’re more substantial than Ray-Ban new wayfarers for sure, and will look best on guys with larger heads and faces.  Well proportioned, rectangular lenses, and pretty comfortable.  Ships free, and should return free in store like everything else.


Banana Republic Chino/Linen Suit Separates – $285 ($380)

Finally. A code applies.

As mentioned up top, the last few codes have excluded ALL suiting (even the one over here… sorry ’bout that).  Not just the more expensive Monogram, which is usually excluded and is excluded this time too.  But non-monogram suits are up for the code this time.  Looks like more stock of this version of the staple khaki summer suit just came in, while the wool/linen is still decimated when it comes to sizes.  62% Cotton, 38% linen, which could make for an outstanding blend.  The slimmer BR “Tailored” fit.  Best to size up if you’re in-between.  Got one on the way for an in-person.  Standby for that.


Banana Republic Digby Brogue – $105.00 ($140)

Casual and dressed up all at once...

BR shoes don’t have a rep for mind bending quality.  But this is a newbie, so hopes are high.  Their other suede bucks just got some play in the new Esquire too.  Also available in black with a contrasting brown sole.
CHECK THAT:  These aren’t available for the discount.  Pass.  For now.


Banana Republic Blue Pique Cotton Tailored Fit Blazer – $148.50 ($198)

Bit of a mystery here.

BR Blazers have been flying off the virtual internet shelves as of late.  This is a brand new arrival, and haven’t seen it in store yet.  Intriguing, and it could be the perfect blazer for a Kentucky Derby Party if you pop for express shipping (which, not many of us would ever do).  The close up on the fabric is interesting.  They say it’s pique?  Like it’s woven such as this sweater/sweatshirt/blazer hybrid looking thing?  Doubtful.  Looks much more like a standard cotton BR blazer with a bit of structure, and it’s priced that way too.


Banana Republic Straight Plaid Cotton trouser – $52.13 ($69.50)

Rave reviews online too.

One way to punch up a standard blue blazer + white shirt look without going nuts.  Or, without destroying your checking account.  Ships free, two colors, cotton + straight fit.


Banana Republic Cotton Cashmere Sweater in Grey – $26.24 ($59.50)

On sale just got even more on sale.

Already on sale with a few more color options available for a little less money, or, a little more.  This color has the most sizes.  Well reviewed online.  90% cotton, 10% cashmere, handwash or dryclean only, and a v-neck that doesn’t look to dip as deep as the silk/cotton/cashmere V-necks.


Banana Republic Striped Tailored Slim 8.25″ Short – $40.88 ($54.40)

Far, far away from bulky cargos on the scale o' shorts.

Forty bucks seems like a lot for a pair of shorts, doesn’t it?  But if you’re the type that doesn’t wear shorts a lot, and needs maybe a pair or two to successfully get through the summer, maybe you want that pair to be a perfect, lightweight, wearable without a belt pair like these.  Sometimes a leather belt (or even a cotton belt) feels a little heavy in the summer.  The side tabs here solve that problem.  Ships free.  Shorter 8 1/4″ rise.


GAP Quilted Knit Jacket – $32.99 ($79.95)

Like a baseball jacket & Carhartt had a baby.

This is all in how you wear it.  Throw it on over a light v-neck with jeans and you’ll look real relaxed.  Wear it with plaid shorts and a deep v-neck tee and you’ll look like a dirt bag.  Looks a little like something you might find in a thrift store.  Now thirty bucks.


Non-Iron striped shirt – $26.24 ($59.95) | 1969 Striped Oxford – $25.49 ($44.95)

Similar, but so very not.

Not the same shirt.  The one on the left is more of a dress shirt, with the oxford being made of, well, oxford cloth.  Thicker than a poplin.  The 1969 line seems to run slimmer than you’d think, so be warned there.  Who knows on this shirt though.  Both are already on sale.


 GAP “Lightweight Heather” Rugby Collar Polo – $26.21 ($34.95)

Best in show from the Palooza

One of if not the best non-solid polo this year.  Big fan of the collar.  Didn’t shrink in the wash.  Has some good stretch to it, placket falls perfectly with two buttons undone, collar behaves pretty well.  Three colors to pick from and if you get two they’ll ship free.  Part of the polo palooza.


GAP :GAP Tailored Cotton/Linen Blazer – $96.00 ($128)

Looks good, could be great.

First popped up during last week’s handful.  Hasn’t arrived in all brick & mortars yet.  65% cotton / 35% linen and the up close zoom shot seems to show some good texture.  The deeper earth-tone means it’ll work just fine with jeans now, and all the way through and into the cool weather.

The code BRBETTER expires today, 5/2.  The code GAPTICTOK expires 5/3.