10 Ties he’d actually like for Father’s Day

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Short of doing the Ickey shuffle with the offspring in question, Jeremy here really couldn’t be happier that he won’t be getting a tie, or anything else for that matter on Father’s Day.  (Although he very well could have become a father since this episode of Maury aired.  Same goes for this guy, or these… two.)

Ties can be a bit of a cop out on Father’s Day, but Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for (pssst: look for more ideas in the next couple weeks).  Whether you’re the Dad in question, you’ve got a Father who needs a neck wear upgrade, or you just need a new friggin’ tie, any of these should be a step above the common clearance rack Donald Trump styles most guys sling around their necks…

Gitman Bros. Silk & Cashmere Striped or Solid Tie – $52.50 ($125)

A more than half off splurge.

Fifty bucks ain’t peanuts, but if you want to spend a decent amount on a father’s day present and you’re not sure what to get, a tie with luxury qualities like this one might become his new favorite.  Made in the USA from silk and cashmere.  Stripes are available in a dark blue, or purple, and don’t be scared of the purple.  Solid comes in charcoal or brown.


TheTieBar Chambray Striped – $15.00 per tie

Plenty cool for summer.

Hot damn.  The loved-by-many TheTieBar.com has come out with a batch of chambray ties that look like winners.  Most of these new options are available in a slimmer 2.5″, or a more standard (but not fat) 3″ width.  $15 with $5.99 flat rate shipping as always.


Personality Milano Wool/Cashmere Navy/White Chalkstripe – $55 ($110)

This + light grey suit + white shirt = terrific.

About as good as a tie gets.  Wool and cashmere, half off, and ships free & fast through Bonobos.  From personal experience (but not with this tie) Personality Milano ties are incredible.  Durable, they feel great, and they tie a terrific knot.  The “chalk” on this chalkstripe gives that perfect mix of pop against, and blend with the background.  Made in Italy.


J. Crew Weybridge Madras – $59.50

Made in the USA too.

For the type who appreciates a casual, but still dressed up look.  Think well cut chinos, a light blue oxford/chambray shirt, and this bright sucker.  On the weekend.  Driving around in an old convertible.


Mountain & Sackett Made in the USA Regimental Tie – $69.50

All handmade. No machines used.

Double faced, handsewn, and made in New York.  Description says these ties are “never touched by a machine.”  It’s an investment, but they’re apparently top notch.  Full credit to Marshall for sending in the style tip.  Word is the customer service is top notch too.  3.5″ wide for the ties and tons of options when it comes to the “blazens”, aka color schemes.


1901 Knit Blue with Pink, Blue, or Lilac Vs – $39.50

The rare stand-out knit.

A cotton knit without the squared off end.  Real laid back, but can be easily dressed up with a suit for a summer wedding.  Ships and returns free thanks to Nordstrom.  Know that it is a slimmer 2.25″ in width.


Hunter Green Herringbone Bow – $52.70* ($62)

Great for the new Dad, because Jr. can't grab and yank it.

For the professorial types.  A bow tie that’s subdued (which ain’t the easiest thing to do0.  “Modern, Batwing style” that’s 1.75″ at its widest.  Made in the USA by the small outfit 5th & Brannan.  *You’ll need to sign up for the Fifth & Brannan email list on their home page to get 15% off, and thus, this price. 


Neimann Marcus Cotton Plaid Tie – $27.30 – $39.00 ($85)

Plaid, but a jab instead of a haymaker.

Unexpected summertime cool down?  Bust out that sharp, darker suit you haven’t been wearing much, wear a light blue or white shirt, and this tie.  Mixes in a little warm weather fun.  Made in the USA, and dips to $27.30 during an extra 30% off sale.


Sak’s 5th Ave. Men’s Collection Silk Pindot – $52.80 ($88.00)

Just enough difference to break up an otherwise all solid getup.

Stripes and solids and weird retina numbing patterns.  Those three options make up 90% of the tie population.  Pindots on the other hand, just don’t get enough play.  Made in the USA, simple, and comes in a few different color options.  These are the ties you’d prefer if you like solid suits and shirts.


The Dad Tie-Intervention-Trifecta: Navy/Red dots, Wool Stripe, Silk Gold Stripe – $15/tie

Classics for $15 a piece.

So Pops likes the super loud stuff huh?  You know the ties… the one’s that look  like MC Escher paintings, fish, or even play a few tunes around the holidays.  Bestow upon him three ties that will shore up his basic neckwear needs.  All from TheTieBar, so all just $15 a piece.  Now pray he gets the hint.

How much do you usually spend on ties for yourself?  $20 per?  $30?  Most here lean a little expensive since they’re hypothetical gifts.  But where do you buy your neckties?  Leave it all in the comments.  Top Photo: James Vaughn