Dappered Classics: 10 Women’s Style Wins

A few things us guys would like to keep on seeing.
Dappered’s Open Thank You Note To Women

Originally published 8/10/11

Dear Women:  We’re fans.  Nice work.  Word is you’re often looking as good as you do not to impress us, but instead to perhaps impress other women.  No matter.  We’ll keep on enjoying the visual benefits.  While those of us on this side of the gender aisle have to put up fight to not revert to our default slob-like state, you ladies seem to be able to make anything look good.  A man’s shirt, baseball hats, hell even a fake mustache (proof’s above) can all look great.  Okay, the mustache is stretching it, but you get the point. 

Unlike the ‘stache, hat, and oxford, there are more than a few things out there that are intentionally feminine which deserve to be highlighted.  You’ll find ten of those under this model from the most recent L.L. Bean Signature Catalog, who happens to be executing a few of the ten extremely well.


1. Pencil Skirts Bonus points for wool or tweed in the fall and winter as shown above.
2. Pony Tails – Pull it back?  Despite all that money and time spent on your hair?  Trust us.  It’s something.
3. Pearls worn casually – Maybe not with a t-shirt, but hell yes with a sweater and jeans.
4. Occasionally passing on the side salad & going with fries – There’s style in there somewhere.
5. The Empire Waist Whether the dress is long & flowing or hits just above the knee, doesn’t matter.  It works.
6. Turtlenecks There’s a reason why presents are wrapped.  More unknown = better.
7. The Jersey Knit Dress Easily one of the best things about summer.
8. Moms that don’t give up – They deserve better than the crude acronym we’ve all used.  Applause all the same.
9. Stripes – Horizontal too.  Big plus there.  Don’t shy away from em’.
10. Boots – Even if they’re waxed cotton knee high duck boots… they’re a win.

That’s a start.  Your turn guys.  What other elements of women’s style deserve to be on this list?  Leave your additions below, and maybe our list will help keep those much appreciated sweaters, dresses, and hair styles around.