What is Bespoke Post? And win a “Box of Awesome”

What $45 a month gets you from a new subscription service.
Win It:  Bespoke Posts’s SOLD OUT “Weekender” Box of Awesome – $45.00

This is something.  Here’s how this works:

  • You sign up and pay $45.
  • Bespoke Post sends you a themed box of curated goods, once a month that’s worth at least $60 if not more.
  • You can skip any month you want.  They email you when the Box of Awesome for that month has been revealed, and you have a chance to opt out before they ship it your way starting the 15th.
  • Shipping is free, and there’s no monthly commitment to be a member.

Sure it’s a little random because you’re flying blind into each month, not knowing what you’ll be getting.  But it’s super easy to pass on a month and not shell out the $45.  And get a load of what $45 got Bespoke Post members in March:

Clockwise from top center:  A one day pass to the AA Admirals Club, a 10% off coupon for an American Airlines Flight, Aesop skin care shampoo, body cleanser, facial cleanser and hydrating syrum, a travel survival kit including mints, an energy shot, almonds, and hangover cure tablets.  All that and the 20.5″x5.5″x12.5″ made in the USA Mason’s Bag. 

The bag itself is easily worth $45.  It’s basic, but the metal frame at the top and the deep suede handles are really impressive.  It doesn’t close all that tight, and will open just a bit if stuffed full, but it’s sturdy, and a leather punch could maybe rectify that issue if you add a hole to the straps that buckle the thing shut.

You guys (and guys like you) are a pretty valuable customer base.  The items in each month’s curated “box of awesome” might be seen as a valuable promotional investment made by the brands that provide them.  Maybe they’re overstock.  Maybe not.  Maybe Bespoke Post is somehow blackmailing all these companies to provide this stuff at minimal cost so they can send it the way of their subscribers for cheap (nah, they seem too nice for that).

However they’re doing it, the fact that you can opt out of any month is huge.  Why?  Because not everyone is going to like, say,  April’s box, “Salt”.  So you skip it, and you wait for May.  Impressive.

Win it:  To enter to win the sold out “Weekender” Box of Awesome, send your first and last name in an email to contests@dappered.com with the subject: “Bespoke”.  One entry per person.  Deadline is 11:59pm E.T. on 4/18/12.

Congrats to Nader V. who won the Box of Awesome from Bespoke Post.  Thanks to all who entered…