Tommy Hilfiger 40% off Friends & Family Sale

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Take 40% off Almost Everything Hilfiger w/ THFRIENDS40

Watches and fragrance are excluded.  Code Expires Friday 4/6/12.  Shipping is a $7.95 flat rate charge, or free at $150.  You’re on the hook for returns, since they’ll deduct $6.00 for their pre-paid label.

Hilfiger is getting better.  But they’re not quite there yet.  Their website?  Improved.  But still a bit clunky.  And a flat rate charge for shipping is nice, but $7.95 ain’t cheap, plus $6.00 in return charges makes everything you see here at least a $13.95 risk.  Hilfiger fits can be on the generous side too, so take into consideration tailoring costs.  Too bad watches aren’t included, because there’s a few mega-cheap automatics that might be worth taking a flyer on with the 40% discount.

Hilfiger 21″ Duffel – $35.99 ($80)

Also available in red and yellow.

The dude bag.  Pushing 3,000 cubic inches of space.  Leans sporty but isn’t destined for nothing but the gym.  Big points for the darkest option called “night.”  Synthetic all around, and immensely inexpensive.


Simon Bag Weekender – $178.80 ($298)

Only 1500 cubic inches. Gift for the Mrs.?

Lemme say it before anyone else does.  The “chick” bag.  As in, and again, lemme channel some in the audience here… “Holy Hell it’s a PURSE.   How can any self respecting, crotch scratchin’, beer swillin’ man CARRY such an emasculating thing!  Does it have a pocket for your testicles?  Because you won’t need em while lugging around THIS thing.  Enjoy your external leather-handled scrotum replacement you GELDING.”  Same thing was suggested by Esquire in a different color scheme.  Thinkin’ the price on Esquire, $198, is a typo?  Maybe?


Textured Heavyweight Shawl Collar Cardigan – $35.99 ($78)

A fall/winter favorite. Cool mornings for spring summer?

Not a bad price for what looks like a pretty thick shawl collar.  Sizing?  Again, who knows.  And another piece of proof that the Hilfiger site has some strides to still make.  The description reads: “… Heavy weight allows it to double as a jacket. NO FABRIC INFO Machine washable.”  So, fair to assume it’s not made of sugar?


Canvas braided belt – $23.99 ($48)

Not a bad price for this style.

Remember with belts, you want to size up from your waist size to get a normal looking fit.  Washed leather on the ends and two color options available.  Sizes are starting to get scarce.  Do note that there’s some logo-ing on one end.


Multi Colored Crewneck – $41.99 ($98)

A "classic fit" crew is a major risk.

“Classic fit.”  Damn.  That can be troublesome.  Claims to be lightweight, and the thicker stripes with the jump to another color at the top of the chest & neck makes for a nice & unique combo.  Cotton isn’t getting any cheaper, but if it fits like a trash bag… then eh…


Small Gingham Button Down – $23.99 ($58)

5 color options, and will probably need tailoring.

Sometimes it’s about finding the right piece of rock that your sculptor of a tailor can carve on.  Gingham available in navy, green, pink, red, and a lighter blue.  Might take $10 – $15 to dial it in, but even after that extra cash and shipping costs are worked in, could be a workhorse that will then fit perfectly.


Dot 3.5″ Silk Tie – $20.99 ($49.50)

Don Draper would not approve.

Not everyone likes their ties under 2.5″ or even 3″.  A substantial width with a subtle dot pattern.  And in green.  Green ties.  Not easy to find, not for everyone, but nice all the same.


New Trench – $119.99 ($348.00)

Has potential.

A single breasted trench for the guys who can’t stand the double breasted look.  Appears to be an upgraded version of what they were selling at Macy’s a few months back.  46% cotton, 54% synthetic, so it’s got that blend thing going for it.  Should keep the water from soaking up into the fabric.  Looks pretty good on the web, but again, Hilfiger is real hard to peg when it comes to sizes.


Cable Cricket V-Neck – $41.99 ($98)

When the hell are the damn crumpets served again?

Preppier than Zack Morris at a clambake.  One of those things that 99% of us won’t even attempt, yet 25% of us will walk up to, think about it, then walk away… only to applaud some dude for having the style onions to pull it off when we see something similar later on down the road.  Points for the red on the white cable sweater.


Hector Cotton/Chambray vest – $41.99 ($98.00)

The cheap oddball.

Bit of a break this one.  The front is a knit, while the back is woven.  73% cotton, 27% linen.  What say you vest/waistcoat fans?  Too weird?


Wallet & Money Clip Set – $35.40 ($59.00)

The tandem.

So it’s just a plain black wallet.  That’s good.  40% off is even better.  The kicker & closer is the casual tie-stripe money clip.  Perfect for the spring and summer when you want to wear a casual sportcoat and carry some cash in a clip, but don’t want to blind anyone with something metallic.


The NOT on sale watches: Brown Strap Auto – $145 ($87) | Blackout – $165 ($99)

Both would have been under $100

Well hell.  The 40% off would have been nice, but watches are an exclusion.  So watch fans… if they were 40% off (prices shown in parentheses above) would you take a flier on a super cheap Hilfiger auto?  Leave it all below…

The Hilfiger 40% off Friends and family Sale THFRIENDS40 expires Friday 4/6/12.