10 Not So Normal Wallets

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Here’s the chronological progression of how males tend to store their currency & ID as they age:

Sock —> Velcro Wallet —> Plain Leather Wallet —> Estate/Tombstone

As Tony Kornheiser would say on Pardon the Interruption:  “That’s it.”  That’s the list.  Sure some swear by a card case, or a few use a card case only when in a suit, but the vast majority of guys carry one kind of wallet for their entire lives.  Is it a waste of time and money to have more than one wallet?  That’s up to you guys in the comments.  Here’s some temptation in the meantime:

Win itform•function•form Architect’s Wallet – $95.00

If Red Wing made a wallet...

From a brand new Made in the USA, small leather goods / accessories outfit with a real unique 1st line.  The Architect’s Wallet uses the smallest Moleskin Notebook available (the Volant) to create the “enclosure” or flap.  The pen is one model of the legendary Fisher Space Pen.  Pressurized ink cartridges are part of the design that lets this thing write in zero-gravity, underwater, anywhere.  Oh, and then there’s the leather.  Horween, hand stitched… bravo.
Win it:  Enter to win the Architect’s Wallet by sending your first & last name in an email to contests@dappered.com with the subject: “Architect“.  One entry per person.  Deadline for entry is 11:49pm ET on 5/1/12.
UPDATE:  Congrats to George M. who won the Architect’s Wallet.  Again, many thanks to form•function•form.


Jack Spade Monza Green – $50.00 or black – $125

Of course the green is the one on sale.

Yeah.  Green.  Could use a sale on the black, since the perforations are odd enough.  You guys have seen these before.  Perforations are made to look like the steering wheels on old sports cars.  But Green?


Chester Mox Chestnut Brogue Wallet – $50.00

Personalization available as well.

With just one slot, it’s really more of a card case, but it has an incredible look and feel.  Made here in the USA from especially soft and flexible chestnut Horween leather.  Personalization is available for an extra ten bucks, and usually your name will go on the front under the perforations, with the Chester Mox logo on the back.  They might be able to move that around for you.  Wallet shown on left didn’t have a logo put on there for some reason.  My name is on the back in picture on right.


J. Fold Contrast Stitch Wallet – $28.00 ($59.50)

Who's up for ping-pong?

Still has the earth tones of a standard bill fold, but with that white stitched line down the center, it’s no where near a standard wallet.  Leans green.  Heavily.


Filson Credit Card Wallet – $55.50

Made in the USA.

Okay all you zero-tolerance logo fellas.  Are you willing to make an exception on this one?  A bit of a rugged odd duck for sure.  Eight credit card slots on the inside, bow-tie shaped cutout on the exterior exposing the canvas.  Available with tan canvas for, well, a lot more.


Johnston & Murphy Woven Slimfold – $85.00


A pretty standard color, perhaps a bit lighter than most brown wallets, but you can’t miss the woven exterior.  Looks like if you hold it wrong you’ll find yourself in one of those Chinese Finger Traps.


Brooks Brothers “Football” Billfold – $48.00

Stripes at warp speed.

Italian calfskin leather with a canvas stripe on the exterior.  Has more than a little bit of a prep feel to it.


J. Crew Cognac Leather Wallet – $75.00

Speaker Boehner?

Most guys don’t usually seek out wallets that share a hue with George Hamilton’s face.  Pull this out of your pocket and you’re likely to hear the color before you see it.


Property of… Chuck Wallet – $78.00

A dozen or so colors/patterns available.

You can’t escape gingham and checks.  No matter how hard you try.  Waxed coated canvas on the exterior, calf on the interior.  And one of those moleskin-notebook-type of elastic bands around the outside.


J. Crew Factory Inside Out Wallet – $16.50

Black Glenplaid on the left.

Inside out wallets are the mules of the wallet world.  Not quite horse, not quite donkey.  Five different color/pattern options for this one.  Might be a good option for the guy who wants to go light when in a summer suit, but doesn’t want a card case and a money clip.

Thoughts guys?  Are wallets one of those accessories that guys just don’t swap out that often?  Leave it all below.