The Pre-Date Playlist

Twelve songs to go from getting dressed to your date's door.

You’ve got a date coming up.  Terrific.  You’ve got a good prep routine down so you won’t be rushed.  Maybe you’re heading out to dinner.  Or perhaps you’re doing something out of the ordinary that’s cheap but still fun.  You’ve got an idea as to what you’ll be wearing and it’s sure to leave her impressed and you’re feeling pretty good too.

But you won’t be getting ready in total silence.   You’ll need some music.  And not the kind of music that’ll put you to sleep, or alternatively, make you want to run through a brick wall.  You want a playlist that’ll get you ready for your date, as well as be plenty fine for when your date gets in the car.  Maybe something like this:


Your turn guys.  Song suggestions for a pre-date playlist are certainly welcome down in the comments section below. (Originally published 10/2011)