The #1 Affordable Pair of Socks for Summer

And how much would you pay for just one pair?
Banana Republic Pima Cotton Nautical Striped Socks – $10.50

Above Shoes:  The DSW Mercanti Fiorentini Double Monk, which have had the snot kicked out of them, and they’re still doing surprisingly well.  Full review over here.

Bold sock trend + nautical thing that’s permeating men’s style this year + a healthy dose of “I don’t want to stand out too much” + great fabric feel… and finally that will all =

Ten bucks is a lot for a pair of socks.  But this is BR, so they’re often on sale.  And if you purchased something in a Banana Republic store over the last few weeks, then you might have been lucky enough to have received a sheet of coupons for 40% off one full priced item each Wednesday in April.  Are you really going to buy three more individual items from BR this month?  Probably not.  Might as well get some great looking socks for a solid price.

They’re also inexpensive enough that if you’re buying just one thing online, they could tip the balance over $50 and get you free shipping.  Note that the navy pair seen here haven’t shown up online yet, just in store.

74% cotton, 17% poly, 6% nylon, and 3% spandex that comes in handy for keeping these snug to your calf all day.