Style Scenario – First Farmer’s Market

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What are you going to wear?  Sometimes there’s an easy answer.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas.  That’s what these are for.  All designed to get you in some stuff that’ll make you look and feel great, then get you out the door and off to do things other than thinking about your clothes.  Look for these with no regularity.  Want to suggest a scenario?  Send those in here.

The Sunglasses:  American Optics Original Pilot – $42$64.99*

The Farmer's Market is not time to get all hollywood.

Optics Planet has them for dirt cheap.  Never ordered through there, but I know some of you have… leave that feedback in the comments.  Made in the USA, shine free, classic, and the bayonet style temples are awesome.  AO sells them direct for $74.00.  The $64.99 price is through JackThreads, and they seem to be sold out for now.  Also worth a look, Gilt is running a sale on a bunch of Randolph Engineering styles.  Their squared off aviator, the intruder, is down to $80 in some styles.  Made in the USA as well.


The Sweater:  L.E.C. Supima Pencil-Striped V-Neck – $27.99* ($60)

Not quite white.

Now on sale and has been dipping even lower with those every once in awhile extra 20% off sales LEC seems to like to run.  Lighter weight pima cotton in a warm weather ready pattern.  A huge upgrade from a hoodie.  *Use the 30% off code PICK30 and pin 3022 to get this price & free shipping.  Code expires today.


The Shirt:  Mossimo Athletic T – $7.99 or Merona Light Blue Button Up – $22.99

Basics. Let the stripes do the talking.

It’s a farmer’s market, so feel free to wear the sweater over a t-shirt.  If you’re not down with the t-shirt under a v-neck look, and you need a collar, just stick with a plain light blue like the model is wearing in the LEC pic.  The Target shirt is cheaper, and skip ironing it for something like this.  It’ll be too long to leave untucked though.


The Pants:  A pair of well worn & washed jeans

Leave the rookie, wear the veteran.

Y’know when you first get a pair of really dark denim, and you’re not meticulous about how you care for them, and after a year or two they’re a couple of shades lighter than when you first got them?  Right.  Those are the jeans to wear.


The Belt: Wood and Faulk The Standard Belt – $85.00

When she asks: "What do you want for your birthday?"

A complete splurge.  Any ol’ leather belt will do, and know that wearing one of the real popular striped or brightly colored canvas/cotton/woven belts might be a little much with the cream striped sweater.  All those stripes and you’ll start looking like a television test pattern.  From a small goods maker in Portland who gets mentioned a lot on this website.  Don’t know em’, but man do they ever make some amazing looking stuff.  English bridle leather, solid brass buckle, beeswax finished edges, and made here in the USA.


The Shoes: Sebago Kerry Tassel – $63.96 w/ ALBRIGHT2 ($145)

A load of quality for $64.

The leather quality and construction on these is superb.  Thick, but still plenty soft and pliable leather, hand stitching, and a leather sole stitched to the upper.  Really relaxed and not everyone’s favorite as far as looks.  A bit of an ugly duckling that’ll still serve you well.  These only come in an E width, so be prepared to size down so you’re not flopping all over the place in them.  Some laced alternatives include Sebago’s Brattle for $136, Florsheim’s Kearny in Dirty Buck for $65, or the just in to DSW Cole Haan Buck II for $110.


The Watch:  Bulova 96A102 Canvas Strap – $76.37

Tough not to like this one.

Sure, Seiko might have the automatic movement, but plenty prefer the looks of Bulova’s take on the canvas strap.  Not a NATO or slip thru style strap either.  Acrylic crystal, but a scratch or two will only add character.  40mm in diameter and really well reviewed on Amazon.


The Money Clip:  Coach – $28.00 ($40) | Allen Edmonds – $12.00 ($15)

Both ship free.

You want cash for a Farmer’s Market.  And you want to be able to get to it quickly.  So front pocket, not back pocket tucked in a wallet.  Leave the silver shined up clip for formal events.  You don’t want to blind anyone, so stick with a leather or a fabric money clip.


The Bag:  Linus Bike The Sac – $65.00

Waxed with a coated base... for your protection.

Gah.  The tote conundrum.  Some guys view carrying a tote bag as equally awkward as holding on to your girlfriend’s/wife’s purse.  But they get the job done, and if you’re grocery shopping at a farmer’s market, you’re gonna have to put your purchases in something.  These options from Linus almost look like dry bags you’d use on the water.  Waxed canvas with a coated base.  Hooks on to your bike rack, and comes with a shoulder strap.


The Back at Home Beer:  Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA

White IPAs: Warm weather appropriate, but still sharp.

White IPAs aren’t quite wits and they’re not as forward as standard IPAs.  Chainbreaker is as refreshing as beer gets for guys who like a lot of flavor.  Not over the top in flavor by any stretch, and it tastes like a toned down version of their Conflux No. 2 beer that produced a… you guessed it, white IPA.


The later that night CD:  Raising Sand – Robert Plant | Alison Krauss – $10.53

Won 5 grammys. And for good reason.

In case you and your significant other decide to spend a quiet night in to make dinner out of whatever it was you picked up at the farmer’s market.

Top Photo Credit:  Dane Brian