Style Debate: Bond to trade Martinis for… Heineken?

A new report has 007 favoring the Dutch lager.  Wait, what?

Here’s the article from ABC: “Martinis No Longer:  Heineken to Debut as James Bond’s new drink.”  Nowhere does it say Bond will turn down a martini in favor of a Heineken.  This started as a debate over on the FB page, and thanks to Matthew N. for making a solid case there as to why this is no big deal.  Many of his points are below.

The Argument for Heineken in the next Bond Movie:  The Bond Franchise has always been rife with brands or outright product placement.  Aston Martin, Rolex,which is now blatantly Omega, etc.  The Heineken partnership isn’t even new.  It’s just that it’ll be more front and center when the next Bond Movie, Skyfall, comes out in November.  And for the Bond fans out there, you’re lucky that Skyfall is even being made.  MGM has serious, serious cash issues, and their financial state kept the next Bond flick on the shelf for a while.  So if this is how they need to raise funds?  Be glad they were able to make it happen at all.

The Argument against Heineken in the next Bond Movie:  Product placement and sponsorships can work really well, or they can be awkward and annoyingly difficult to ignore.  The Heineken product placement doesn’t fit.  Aston Martin, Rolex, Omega… Some vodka for martinis Heineken?  It’s not authentic.  It’s the difference between The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (works) and the Maaco Bowl of Las Vegas (huh?).  Bond’s love of martinis is a legendary character trait.  Yes Daniel Craig’s Bond is a grittier Bond, but Heineken?  Would Bud Light or the new Miller 64 be okay?  Guinness, Bass, or even Stella would be a better fit.  But Heineken threw down the cash.  The Director of Adweek told ABCNews: “…everyone knows that James Bond has got the best gadgets [and] best car, and [now they’ll ask] ‘What does it mean if he’s now drinking Heineken?’ It means Heineken is the best beer, theoretically.”  No.  No it doesn’t.

Your turn guys.  Ready for Bond to ask for a Heineken at the bar?  If the Most Interesting Man In The World would be sitting next to Bond, would he smash his bottle of Dos Equis (Amber please) over 007’s head?  Leave it all below.