Steal The Style: Dream Watches – Part II

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Cheaper Alternatives for Esquire’s Big Black Book Spring 2012 Watches

The average cost for one of Esquire’s 22 “dream” watches is $13,964. More than a few of us have never spent that on a car, let alone a watch. The most expensive is a Platinum Paneri which runs, and this deserves to be written out check style: forty four thousand eight hundred and 00/100. What would you write on the “memo” line for that check anyway? I’M RICH BIAATCH! ? Still, they’re stunning, and Esquire excels at showing us the top of the line. The following are more attainable, Dappered-chosen alternatives that you can be awake to enjoy.

#9. Skagen – $115 | #10. Victorinox Chrono – $321.96* | #11. Citizen – $149.25

Slim, big, and wide.

Their Picks: These Three.
The Alternatives: A slim and simple with a sub dial, a thicker chrono (you’ll need to use ALAPRIL2 at checkout to get this price and the black band is up to you), and a boxier looking watch with some open space on the dial. Done.


#12.  Bulova Marine Star – $206.06 or Orient Ray Raven – $227.50 w/ Spring2012

Large, Dark, and tells the time.

Their Pick: Ralph Lauren 45mm Chronograph
The Alternatives:  As subtle as an airhorn at midnight.  The Ralph Lauren chosen by Esquire manages to blend the tactical look of a dark ceramic and bolts on the dial, with formal details like Roman numerals.  Nice work.  The Bulova obviously leans towards the rough side (and won’t appeal to most, honestly), while the Orient is more cleaned up.  Somewhere in between you’ll find this Citizen.


#13. Hugo Boss Black Dial Roman Numeral – $255

Too much flash for most of us.

Their Pick:  Steel Calibre de Cartier
The Alternative:  There’s no sub dial or prominent crown on the Hugo Boss, but there is a nice texture to the dial and can’t miss roman numerals.  40mm in diameter.  $255 just seems like a lot to ask for a watch this simple, but it’s closer than most to the look of the dream-list watch.


#14.  Victorinox Base Camp – $252.76

It’s half past time to phone home.

Their Pick:  Piaget Chrono
The Alternative:  Ah yes… watches that look like E.T.  A little oblong, a little funky, a little… weird.  The Victorinox version is the base camp.  Non-chrono though.


#15.  BOSS Black HB1005 – $295 | Motorsport – $195.00

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Their Pick:  Tag Heuer Steel Monaco 24 Chronograph
The Alternative:  So these aren’t quite as blatant as this right here, but… there’s some real obvious, um, “inspiration” going on with these timepieces.  Maybe stash that $300 away and save up for the real thing?

For those that are actually a fan of the Tag Heurer Monaco; would you wear the BOSS watches above?  Or is that something you’d pass on until winning the lottery and getting the real thing?  Leave that below.  Part III still to come.