Ralph Lauren / Rugby Save 25% Event

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Ralph Lauren 25% off Code: PINKPONY12 | Rugby 25% off Code: GIVE2012

Codes expire 4/6/2012.  RL will give $250,000 to the Pink Pony fund for cancer care and prevention.
UPDATE:  Code RLGIVE2012 was giving the 25% off, but not free shipping.  PINKPONY12 gets you 25% off plus free shipping.  Credit Pfmicks in the comments.

Ralph Lauren is a brand that starts off so expensive, that most won’t even budge until something lands in the sale section.  RL’s kid brother Rugby is one of those brands that’s best consumed in small doses.  So a 25% off just about everything code (even sale apparently) with a good cause piggybacked on it, is a decent way to dip your foot into these waters without water logging your checking account.

Does your purchase have much if anything to do with the donation Ralph Lauren is giving to the Pink Pony fund?  Nope.  It’s not like a certain percentage goes to the cause.  But their quarter of a million dollar donation does match up nicely to a decent-for-RL 25% off code.  RLGIVE2012 is for Ralph Lauren (update: but PINKPONY12 gets you free shipping too).  Rugby’s code is GIVE2012.  Free shipping at Ralph Lauren doesn’t kick in until $195 (ouch) while at Rugby it’s free at $125, with $5 flat rate before that.

RL Polo Roderick Calf Driver – $74.25 ($99)

Makes you wish you hadn’t opted for the automatic… don’t they?

Maybe the best looking sub-$100 driver available.  Not all drivers look all that good.  This one certainly does.  Super dark brown calfskin, leather laces, and some boat-shoe inspired sides.  Claims to be “Crafted in Italy.”  Too boring?  Try the Terry Ribbon Driver.


RL Cashmere Watch Cap – $36.75 ($95)

Cashmere on sale = Must be getting warm.

100% cashmere, so no longer will you have to ignore the slight itch that comes with some winter hats.  Probably going to be soft enough that you’ll want to wear it out on early morning runs for coffee and the paper.


RL Slim Leather Card Case in tan – $56.25 ($75)

Stated as “understated.” Well stated.

Okay, it’s a splurge.  Especially when a card case from Saddleback will set you back half this, but the Saddleback just isn’t as sleek.  And that very light tan is nails.


Polo RL St. James Spots Tie – $33.74 ($115)

Light grey suit, light blue shirt, & this.

The tie that eats skinny, limp, cheap ties for lunch.  Now not that much more expensive than a cheap tie.  Made in Italy, 3.5″ at its widest, and has a “fully fitted interlining” and a silk twill lined tip.


Rugby Striped Elastic Surcingle Belt – $29.99 ($59.50)

Also makes for a handy tourniquet.

Something about this reminds me of an ACE bandage, but not in a bad way.  And yes, that’s the first time that sentence has been either written or spoken in the history of the world.


Rugby Chino Newbury Jacket & Vintage Chino University Pant$200.63

Buying both w/ code = you basically get the pants for free.

That’s just over two hundred for the pair.  Could make an upgraded, relaxed, not too expensive cotton summer suit.  Three button front on the jacket but it looks like it’ll handle a lapel roll (or at worst, a pressing) to make it look like a two button.  Patch pocket on the chest and flaps on the lower part of the jacket.


Rugby Straight Relaxed Chino – $37.49 ($79.50)

But how “relaxed” is relaxed?

Not as trim as the University Pant.  A few colors including white are available.


Rugby Enamel Tie Bar – $29.63 ($39.50)

Solid tie, patterned tie bar?

The tie bar, re-thought.  Also available in a blue and gold stripe or a white and green stripe.  Might be able to double as a wildly skinny money clip.


Rugby Linen Striped Trouser – $96.00 ($128)

Slide buckles at the sides for adjustable fit.

Expensive, but consider an all linen pair of pants like this the warm weather version of donnegal tweed trousers.  The fabric is hugely appropriate for extremes, and finding a good looking pair for under $75 is going to be near impossible.  Just shy of $100, and the stripes could look pretty sharp against a navy cotton sportcoat or solid polo.


Rugby Skull & Bones Card Case | Checkered Card Case – $26.25 ($35)

Not boring for $30ish shipped.

A bit of an impulse splurge.  Flat rate shipping would be $5 on top of this, so at just above $30 shipped, both of these could add a little bit of character to your jacket pocket for an affordable price.  Is the skull and bones thing overdone?  Yeah.  But if it’s limited to a card case that’s hidden 99% of the time, then why not?


Rugby Cotton/Linen Fisherman’s Scarf – $44.99 ($89.50)

74″ x 12″, 55% linen & 45% cotton.

Plenty of us believe that a scarf worn in warm weather looks just as silly as a knit cap worn with a t-shirt.  But for cool spring & fall weather that calls for a light jacket or blazer, a linen cotton chunky scarf like this might do the trick.  When winter rolls around, it might still be thick enough to pull duty then.

The Ralph Lauren 25% off code PINKPONY12 / RLGIVE2012 & Rugby code GIVE2012 expire on Fri. 4/6/12.