Park & Bond’s Suddenly Decent Sale Section

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Before a small percentage of the readership’s adrenal glands go into overdrive, know that this isn’t nearly as good as the CLAD sale.  The Clad sale was an all-timer.  And there’s no news that Park & Bond is shutting it down like Clad did.  Well, at least not yet:

“Gilt and similar online retailers have recently restructured. This past January, the company says it laid off 80-90 workers, one of which was the head of Gilt’s full-priced men’s clothing site Park & Bond.”

Oh.  Well, hell… who knows.  Probably nothing.  Easy vultures.  Don’t go circling quite yet.  There’s been noticeable influx of more affordable names into the sale section at Park & Bond, but again, it’s not to the level of the great Clad event of ’12.  Shipping is $5.95, and you’re on the hook for returns if it’s not final sale, and you want your cash back instead of store credit.  A warning… a lot of this is final sale, and it’s still Park & Bond which leans more expensive.

Original Penguin Lambswool V-Neck – $40.00 ($79)

A "bright blue" and navy also available.

Sure summer will be here soon.  But that doesn’t mean there won’t be cool mornings between now and then (and even then) and autumn to follow after.  Forty bucks is a decent price for lambswool.  Fit on Penguin V-necks of the cotton variety tend not to be too bulky, but not real fitted either.  Logo at the chest.  Four color options, lots of sizes.  Final sale.


Tie Bar Striped Tie Gift Set – $32.00

Three pieces for thirty two bucks.

Believe it or not, the description claims this set is made in the USA.  Tie is 2.5″ wide.  Tie bar is stainless and a trim 1.5″ wide.  Pocket square has that nice edge to it.  More pattern/color options available here.


Boss Black Hostor Loafers – $158.00 ($225)

The Anti-Weejun?

Interesting.  Made in China like a lot (if not most?) Boss shoes, but the toe shape is perfect, and those perforations are going to be a great out-of-the-ordinary detail to some.  $160 for loafers though.  Lil’ steep.


Boss Black Maston Wingtip Chelsea – $198.00 ($395)

Final sale. Really? C'mon now.

All right, so not every Boss shoe is made in China.  These are actually made in Italy.  Wingtip + Chelsea side panels = too much going on for some.  Plus, they’re a final sale item.  No half sizes either.  Risky.  Real risky.


Original Penguin Pique Polo – $30.00 ($59)

"Heritage slim fit."

This doesn’t happen often.  Can’t remember the last time this model (“The Earl”) was on sale for this cheap in a standard color like black.  Lots of sizes.  For now.  Final sale.


Richard James Striped Socks – $25.00 ($35)

You think this bright striped sock trend has caught on yet?

Plenty of guys can’t understand why the hell anyone would drop twenty five bucks on ONE pair of socks.  But for those that do like splurging on the things that go between us and our shoes, these are 90% merino, 10% nylon, machine washable, and made in England.


Boss Black Hentor Gloves – $33.00 ($65)

Black and brown.

Lambskin, simple on the tops, and that real nice detail of the checked lining that barely shows at the wrist.  Skip the light jacket on cold to cool spring evenings and opt for these and a sportcoat instead.  Sizing comes by way of hand circumference.  This site should help you figure that out.  Final sale.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Cody Plaid Scarf – $39.00 ($78)

Someone in Miami started sweating just looking at this.

Pretty late to be talking scarves isn’t it?  Yeah.  But that’s why it’s also under $40.  78″x14″.  Mostly viscose and nylon.  23% Merino Wool.  5% Cashmere.


Jack Spade Buffalo Check Computer Case – $198.00 ($395)

Not your average attache.

Jack spade design to a T.  Wool exterior, orange interior, and chocolate leather handles.  Comes with a shoulder strap for those longer trips through the airport.  $400 is asking a lot.  Just under $200?  Maybe…  Final sale though.
Update:  OR… just go get it through Jack Spade direct.  $169 if you sign up for their emails for an extra 15% off.


Original Penguin Mini Gingham Shirt – $45.00 ($89)

When they say mini, they ain't kiddin.

Lots of Penguin stuff in the sale section all of a sudden.  Anywho, the Moire effect has been alluded to on this website more than a few times.  It’s the on screen visual goofiness when a camera/monitor has a hard time interpreting very small, uniform patterns.  The photo of this shirt on the item’s landing page is a prime example.  It might give any TV newscast directors in the audience nightmares.  Final sale.


Theory Manchester Knit 2.5″ Tie – $63.00 ($125)

Made in Italy.

Not the most affordable thing in the world, but the non squared off tip, the wool construction, and the grosgrain at the neck help set it apart.  2.5″ wide.  Final sale.


Timberland Hand-Sewn Heritage Lace-up Boots – $83.00 ($165)

Somewhere, there are logs that need to become kindling.

Stompers aren’t they.  Made in the Dominican Republic, leather and canvas combo, and a real aggressive dirt-ready sole.  Fully lined with a yellow plaid.  Leather laces.  Sizes are all over the place.  Final sale.


The Monster Splurge:  Boss Black James Sharp Plaid Suit – $697.00 ($995)

Plaid, but not PLAID.

For the fellas who can’t bring themselves to buy a suit under $400.  Or maybe for an upcoming law school grad.  Pretty damn good looking.  The James Sharp suits from Boss Black are usually labeled as a “trim fit.”

Thoughts on Park & Bond in general?  Is the sale section worth keeping an eye on?  Leave it all below…