Macy’s 25% off Friends and Family Sale Picks – 4/25 – 4/30

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If you’re headed in-store, you’ll need a savings pass, which you can get here.  Warning… it’s a pdf.  Free shipping online kicks in at $99 after any codes have been applied.  Sale expires Monday 4/30/12

For a store that seems like it’s perpetually on sale, it can be tough to tell which one is better than the others.  This seems to be that one.  One Day Sales are usually the deepest markdowns you’ll see on the largest amount of inventory, but this extra 25% off regular price, clearance, and sale items Friends & Family sale w/ the code FRIEND is showing lower prices than their most recent O.D.S. events.

There are surprisingly few exclusions, and the vast majority of even the bigger name brands are up for the discount.  In parenthesis prices are what these goods were going for at “full retail.”  (Which doesn’t happen much at Macy’s.)

Bar III Light Grey Texture Slim Blazer – $127.49 ($350)

Can it really be this slim?

Whoa.  There’s slim fit, and then there’s homeboy here who’s just some blue pigmented skin away from looking like an underfed Na’vi (Two letter review: No.)  Macy’s doesn’t make a lot of things that could potentially be TOO slim for those of us who aren’t skinny, but still fit… but this has a chance.  Maybe.  Haven’t seen it in store, but it’s from the already trim Bar III house line.  And that pic, I’m sure there’s some chip clips gathering the back or something, but it looks usually slim.  Wool.  Great color.  Ships free.


Tallia Slim Fit Large Check Cotton Blazer – $67.49 ($250)

Another loud but not loud (yet loud) blazer.

Hm.  Loud, but the contrast isn’t too out of control.  $250 is the full retail price.  Marked way down to $89.99, and then the extra 25% off gets tacked on.  Doesn’t ship free.  Looks to have a good amount of rumple if you zoom in.


Bulova Automatic Rectangle Case – $225.00 ($375)

Nice texture on the dial too.

Was going for just shy of $300 during the last one day sale, now down to a much more attainable price.  Still far from cheap, but for those who don’t like cut-out/skeleton windows on their dial, this one actually seems to work even for them.  Already on sale for $300, and the extra 25% off helps immensely.


Tallia Tan Linen Suit or  White Linen Suit  or – $149.99 ($260)

Potential Summer Wedding Lifesavers

Both are new arrivals and no word on the off the rack fit, armholes, shoulderpads, that kind of deal.  But, they are from Taillia Orange, which is a good brand that usually has good trim silhouettes.  Tan is the safe play.  A white linen suit isn’t the easiest thing to pull off.  Not many can do it, but if you’re not sure if you can wear a white shirt with a white linen suit… you sure can.  Just wear a tie with some contrast, and it never hurts to have the confidence and body structure it takes to dance your way through a laser field.


Polo RL Bienne Boat Shoes – $74.25 ($99)

Well reviewed too.

Boat shoes with a little less slop and flop.  White contrast soles, rawhide laces, and a nice bit of texture on the lacing panels.  The pre-code price nets you free shipping, but since Macy’s delivers free shipping at $99 AFTER any codes apply, you’re on the hook for shipping once you apply the code.  Which stinks.


Totes Wooden Stick Umbrella – $15.00 ($20.00)

Big enough for two to get cozy under.

The unquestionable champion of affordable umbrellas (who knew there was even a competition?).  Hell of a good looking umbrella.  Price has creeped up on this thing over the last year or so, but still, twenty at full retail is a deal.  $15 on sale, and maybe as a “get free shipping” tipping tool, it becomes extra nice.


Hilfiger Trim Fit Wool Dress Pants – $59.99 ($150)

Sheep kicks synthetic's tail. If synthetic had a tail.

Skip the microfiber stuff.  If you’re doing the dress pants to work thing as opposed to a suit, make sure they’re flat front, slim fitting, and wool.  These hit all three of those points for a decent price.  Sizes are all over the place.


Maui Jim 242 Dive Deep Polarized Sunglasses – $86.23 ($229.95)

Maui Jim fans... thoughts?

Started out at a really expensive $229.95 (but sit tight for another pair of really expensive sunglasses) and now… not bad for polarized at $86.23.  Seem to squat a little lower in the lens than new wayfarers.  Made in Italy.


Levi’s 501 in Dimensional Rigid – $41.24 ($74.00)

For once, Macy's might have the best price in this wash.

Cotton prices are still high, and jeans have jumped in price substantially.  This is the first time in a LONG time that Macy’s has had 501s for around $40.  Even if you tack on shipping (Macy’s doesn’t kick in free shipping till $99) they’re a little less than through Zappos.


Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Striped Rugby in blue or red – $52.49 ($98.00)

RL's "custom" fit is a true slim fit.

It’s 100% understandable that some have a zero tolerance policy against any logos, and some feel an especially severe dislike for the ol’ polo player.  But these custom fit rugbys are incredibly fitted, feel terrific, and the extra quilting at the shoulders gives them a substantial feel that you don’t get with limp, thin rugby shirts.  Rarely this inexpensive in the custom fit.  A good hoodie upgrade for a night at home after work or hanging around the house on the weekend.


Bar III Wool Pindot Peak Lapel Slim Fit Suit – $299.99 ($595)

Seems like they got more sizes back in stock.

The most modern fitting of the Macy’s exclusive / house brand lines.  Rave reviews on  Wool, a great color, and smallish peak lapels for the guys who want some personality but not F-14 sized wings on their chest.


Alfani RED Grey Wool Blend Shawl Collar overcoat – $104.99 ($350)

Not going to get much use for awhile.

Different, distinguished, and 100% out of season.  But it ships free and returns free in-store.


Stacy Adams Telford Suede Wingtip – $47.24 ($70)


If the suede is anywhere halfway decent, then these might be a real good find.  Stacy Adams shoes are far from brag-worthy quality.  Full retail is only $70 here.  But as a purely summer shoe, that’ll see some light work, under $50 pre shipping might be worth the risk.


The Ridiculous Splurge: Persol PO0714SM Folding Sunglasses – $270.00 ($365)

Pairs through Macy's have green or amber lenses.

When did Macy’s start carrying these?  They ship direct from the vender, but somehow the code still knocks 25% off.  Down to well under $300, which is rare.  Available in black or tortoise.  Ear pieces and nose bridge have hinges that allow these to fold up to shirt pocket size.  A warning:  These are NOT small, so if you have a smaller head, forget it.  Made in Italy.  NOTE:  The pair above have blue lenses.  Pairs available on Macy’s have green or amber lenses.  Blue lenses can be had over here in black, for $40 more.  Tortoise w/ blue will cost you the full $360.

The Macy’s extra 25% off Friends and Family code FRIEND expires 4/30.  Heading in-store?  Print up a savings pass before you go.  You can find it here as a PDF.  Prices/selection can vary greatly from store to store & online.