Lands’ End / Lands’ End Canvas 30% off Sale

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Lands’ End / LEC 30% off everything & free shipping no min w/ PICK30 and pin 3022

Free Shipping Kicks in at $50 if you use ENJOY30 and pin 1850, which is nice, but Pick30 and 3022 is obviously better.  But there are exceptions.  Credit to Tlahey1 for 1st spotting the 30% off and free shipping no min. code.

Been awhile since Lands’ End and/or L.E.C. ran a site wide sale.  And 30% off is no slouch.  Sale items are included, and the key is to drift on over to big brother and scout out their L.E.C. sale items over there.  They’ve got a virtual casual clothing cornucopia of major markdowns on that side, which for whatever reason don’t appear on the L.E.C. side.  Yes.  A hidden horn-o-plenty.  Pilgrim.

Free shipping no minimum with PICK30 and pin 3022.  In case that evaporates, ENJOY30 and 1850 gets free shipping at $50.  Picks below all meet that mark, just in case, w/combos specifically set to just get over the $50 line.

L.E.C. 5″ Clean Board Shorts – $35.00 ($50)

Nice work LEC.

The steal of the sale by far.  Hits all the right points:

  • Has a liner (hooray for some control)
  • Not too long (might be a little short for some at 5″)
  • Three good colors to pick from
  • No elastic at the waist.

Those side tabs are a real nice detail that’ll come in handy.  These also come in exact waist sizes instead of small, medium, and large.  Nice.  Swim trunks are not cheap.  These have solid potential at this price.


L.E.C. Costal Rugby – $42.00 ($60)

Is $42 out of your price range?

Sixty bucks seems steep for an LEC rugby, and the sale price of $42 seems like what these would have started out at a year or two ago.  But prices are up everywhere, and the details on this one look to be right on.  Big fan of that khaki collar and the stripes.  It certainly appears to have a better look than say, the Merona Rugby which goes for $24.  But is it that much better?


L.E.C. Beachside Linen Shorts – $31.50 ($45) + Key Fob – $6.28 ($8.97)

And the fob is free.

A combo only created when the only code was free shipping at $50.  Shipping for just the shorts was $8.95.  Add the leather key fob and you get shipping for free.  Adding it would have saved you a couple bucks.  Shorts look real good for thirty.  100% linen, a 9″ inseam, and a few colors and patterns to choose from.


L.E.C. Crosby Moc Toe Boot – $37.08 ($149)

Half a year in, still going strong.

Obligatory.  And now they’re practically giving them away.  Some wouldn’t take them for free, but there are those of us that have had a tremendous experience with these Alden-Indy-Like boots.  The leather won’t impress shoe snobs by any stretch, but it’s durable.  As un-summery a pair of shoes gets this side of Sorels.  Too hot for over 75 degrees.

*NOTE*: If you buy just the boots, you’ll have to pay for shipping. There are a few exceptions to the promotion. One of which is: Orders consisting solely of Classifieds… and Clearance items (prices ending in $.97) are not eligible for Free Shipping.” But if you add one tiny thing to your cart that doesn’t end in $.97, then they’ll ship free. So… can I interest you in a $4.99 chocolate Easter bunny?


L.E.C. Striped Polo – $28.00 ($40) + Striped Wool Knit Tie – $7.00 ($69.50)

Lotta stripes. $35 for these two. Total.

The description of the polo is a little confusing, because the word “jersey” is in there, yet so is “pique.”  Looks to be pique.  Nice contrast at the placket.  For the tie, if there was ever a tie to wear with a khaki colored chino suit, this is probably it.  Even if it is wool.  That juxtaposition of fabrics will look great.  Started out at almost $70 retail.  Ouch.  Down to $10 on the Lands’ End site.  $7 with the promo and ships free.  (Update:  Sorry guys, the tie is gone…)


 L.E.C. Nailhead Oxford Blazer – $17.48 ($99.50) + Supima V – $20.99 ($60)

$40 for both.

The Nailhead Oxford Blazer, which is far from perfect (a little stiff, needs tailoring, but now under $20) is on clearance.  The Supima V in green is not.  It’s just on sale.  Down to $29.99 (see?  no $.97).  Code drops the combo to a kinda ridiculous $40, give or take with taxes.  Credit Brian with the tip on the blazer.


L.E.C. Casual Vest – $48.99 ($100)

Like a blazer, keeps your shirt in line.

Already marked down to $70, and the extra 30% gets it under $50.  Not cheap by any means, but if you’re the waistcoat type (or, uh… vest-curious) this is a good place to start.  Cotton and no silk/poly/shined up back.  Chambray instead.


L.E.C. 1963 Waxed Canvas Trip Bag – $98.00 ($140)

Over 3000 cubic inches of space.

Glad they’re still making this thing.  Actually repels water and feels heavy, but not brick beastly.  Lots of room instead.  A real good option for guys who don’t like how fancy some men’s weekenders can get, but still want something better looking than a nylon duffel.


Lands’ End Tailored Fit Seersucker Suit Jacket & Pants – $203.00 ($290)


Well… the Derby is coming up quick.  Haven’t seen it in person.  Not from LEC, but Lands’ End.  Says it’s a tailored fit, but will probably need some extra tailoring.  Sleeves and upper back are lined.  100% cotton.

The Lands’ End/L.E.C. codes PICK30/ENJOY30 and pin 3022/1850 are set to expire today.  And sorry fellas, the Allen Edmonds shoes that both Lands’ End and LEC sell aren’t available for the discount.