In Person: The $77 Cotton Summer Suit

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Perry Ellis Micro Twill City Fit Suit Jacket – $53.99 ($175) & Pant – $23.99 ($69.50)

Use the code PETAKE40 at checkout to get 40% off clearance items, and thus, this price.  Exp. 4/30/12

Some of you can’t even fill up your gas tank for under $80.  It’s rare to find not just a blazer, but an entire suit in the Best Bets for $75 or less ballpark.  They’re technically suit separates, but they’re matched for sure.  Already on sale and the extra 40% off code PETAKE40 drops the jacket and pants to under $80, and they even ship free thanks to the Perry Ellis policy of picking up shipping at $50.  Returns are $6.00 via a provided label.

The Good
  • The Off the Rack Fit:  This is the “City Fit” from Perry Ellis.  That’s their most modern.  Soemtimes Perry Ellis makes stuff that’s pretty friggin’ big.  Not here.  That’s a size 40R, and it’s slim enough in the arms that a 38R wouldn’t be a good idea for my frame.  Plenty won’t need additional tailoring at the sides.
  • The Fabric:  Sure, it’s not the most expensive fabric in the world, but it’s soft, it moves well, and it’s not stiff like some other cotton suits out there.  100% cotton.  Not an ultra casual thicker chino, but not wispy thin either.  In-between.  Not super pressed looking.  See a closeup of the fabric here.
  • It’s Barely Lined:  Sleeves are lined and there’s a bit of lining around the upper back and shoulders.  That’s it.  Probably going to be as cool as a 100% cotton suit can be in the heat.
  • The Shoulder Pads:  They’re there, and they can show themselves if you’re really twisting around a lot, but they’re soft and squishy.  No hard edges on this thing.
  • It feels durable:  At this price you think it’d feel like it could tear or melt away any second.  That’s not the case.  The construction feels strong.  Like you could use it as a go-to summer air travel suit or something.
  • The Price:  Goes without saying, yet worth repeating.
The Bad
  • The sleeves run long and the buttons are functional:  From shoulder seam to cuff, the sleeves on a 40R are 26″ long.  That risks being a touch too long if you’re under 6 foot with average or shorter arms.  And since the sleeve buttons are functional (on a now $80 suit?) trimming them up ain’t gonna be easy, if even possible.
  • There’s no breast pocket:  It’s a real modern look, keeping the lines that clean, but if you prefer to add a pocket square, you can’t.  No flaps on the lower pockets either.
  • The pant waist is a little generous:  While the jackets are trim, the pant waists seem to be a little roomy.  Consider sizing down if you’re on the fence.  The legs themselves seem to be a not too bulky straight fit.
  • Armholes could be a little higher:  They aren’t low… but they aren’t real high either.  They pull a little.
The Bottom Line:

If it wasn’t for the functioning buttons and slightly long sleeves, this set would be worth doing cartwheels over.  Eighty bucks.  Unreal.  It feels great, fits surprisingly well off the rack, and if you’re good with putting up with the longer sleeves (or, you just have long arms) then it’s hard to believe anything better will be coming along at this price.  A few nips by a tailor to dial it in and it could look excellent.  If you get it, wear the hell out of it.  Anywhere and everywhere.  It’s the kind of suit you can really enjoy because it’s so cheap, if something happens to it, you won’t really care.

PETAKE40 takes 40% off clearance, and PEFF36 takes 36% off their entire site as well.  Both codes expires 4/30/12.